If Brittany can do it

If Brittany, Natalie Portman and Demi Moore can all do it, AND have comebacks, I totally can too.

Whelp there’s me without hair. Derek buzzed it at the hospital last night. It was time. Apparently I had a bald spot in the back, and didn’t even know it! Well how could I? It’s not like I can see back there! After he buzzed me, he shaved off his beard and mustache and his head….which, if you know my husband, is kind of a big deal, because he ALWAYS has facial hair. He looks like a teenage boy. It’s funny and cute at the same time.

After he was done, he kissed me on my head and told me that hair doesn’t matter; he has never seen me more beautiful.
….he’s ok I guess!

1) waaaay cooler. Chemo gives you hot flashes. Feels good to be bald for that. Plus my cancer causes night sweats, so its nice to not wake up with soaking wet hair for once.
2) Showers are waaaaay faster!!!! (which I’m sure everyone in my family will appreciate)
3) I get to pick from a nice variety of pretty colored head scarves every day, and don’t have to worry about styling my hair…which when you have curly hair means A LOT!!

Crappy things:
1) Regardless of how you all might want to boost my ego, or make me feel better, I look like a boy without a head scarf on. And its cool with me. I feel like a bad ass anyway.
2) It gets really cold, really quick without hair!!!
3) Even though I’m eating, the cancer in my spleen and liver is still making me lose weight, so combined with the shaved head and currently emaciated appearance, I REALLY look like a cancer patient now.

But…things are looking up. I was able to get my new chemo drug, the Rituximab, yesterday, and I didn’t have an allergic reaction, which is pretty awesome. I slept for about 5 hours after getting it, so it really knocked me on my ass, but at least I got it! Today is about 8 hours of chemo, and then hopefully I will be well enough to go home tomorrow! Fingers crossed!!

PS thanks for all the support you all have given me!

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