Hair today, gone tomorrow.

I posted some of this on Facebook yesterday, but I thought I would blog about it today. Yesterday, Derek illegally snuck Mack in to see me….and it was JUST. WHAT. I. NEEDED. It had been one full week since I had seen Mack, well in person anyway. We tried to “face time” a few times, but all Mack wants to do is press the buttons on the phone, so it doesn’t go over so well, and usually ends up with me being hung up on. He got to stay for about 45 minutes, and my favorite nurse, Emily promised that she wouldn’t tell. (The docs didn’t want me around any kids until my counts were back up a little, not to mention Mack has a little cold. I wore a mask the whole time, don’t worry!) Anyway, it was the best visit ever, and its just enough to get me through this next few days, and hopefully home for good.

Additionally, I had some surprise visitors from work yesterday, along with my usual “crew” who came to watch the Bachelor at the hospital with me. Nothing says beat cancer’s ass much like the Bachelor. All in all, even though I was terribly homesick, and I wasn’t able to get chemo, it wasn’t too bad of a day.

Now the hairy part. ..or lack there of. I woke up to a pile of my own hair on my pillow this morning. This is only about 1/8 of what I lost when I took my shower. I think its officially time to buzz it off. It’s literally everywhere. All over my clothes, in my mouth, food, drinks, etc. It’s funny because it wasn’t really falling out too quickly until the other day, and then it was in clumps. Not to mention I have only had one round of chemo nearly 3 weeks ago! That is some strong and crazy stuff, that chemo! Sneaks right up on ya, like a bad hangover! The picture below is what I pulled off my pillow.

I’m feeling pretty good now, just in time to get my socks knocked off with some chemo…which hopefully will start today, as my oncologist is FINALLY back from vacation and can make the call in person. Will keep you posted. Next time you see me, I will look just like my husband. Bald.

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