Bucket List Item Completed!

Half marathon? Check!!! I was super nervous as to how it would go, but I made great time (for me)–finished in 2 hours and 4 minutes; 588 overall, out of 1,900 people. Not too shabby! Average is a-okay with me!! Hopefully I will do better next time, as I certainly plan on running another one (even though its 2 days post race, and I still can’t sit down on the toilet seat without wincing in agony). Special shout out of thanks to all of my friends and family members who came to cheer me on, and for those who called, emailed, texted, etc. That was AWESOME. Really helped me to keep going!! Crazy to think that just 7 months ago, I needed help walking to the bathroom, and couldn’t even keep down water, and here I am running over 13 miles. Nuts!! But I worked really really hard, and I feel like I achieved a huge accomplishment for myself. 🙂

I love so much that Dr. C ran with me. She is really one of the greatest people I’ve ever met. How many oncologists do you know who would run to support their patients?? Not too many I would guess! And to my coworkers who ran with me too–I certainly couldn’t have gotten through these past few years without the support and leave donations from all of them. You guys rock!

Crossing the finish line, and seeing Derek and Mack at the end with flowers and huge smiles brought tears to my eyes. I. Did. It. …Even though Mack then said “Mommy why were you taken so long in the woods? I was scared because I thought you were lost! Why did you park your car so far away?!” lol oh kids.

A year ago, Derek and I were in Gatlinburg celebrating my “remission”. It’s beyond me that it’s been a year. Although clearly so much has happened within that time frame, it still blows my mind that all this bullshit has been going on for that long! And he has stuck by my side through it all, and deserves way more than I can say. I mean we are coming up on our 3 year wedding anniversary, and it feels like 20. lol.

My next PET scan is scheduled for Nov. 3rd. OF COURSE a month before Xmas, and only a week before my trip to St. Marrten. lol. This one better be good news, or I will officially hate Christmas for the rest of my life I think.

Next up on my bucket list? Visit the Caribbean. St. Maarten in just 4 weeks with my girlfriend who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. BS. So extra prayers her way, and of course to my friend samantha and her daughter Rosie. (Don’t forget about their benefit coming up on 11/9!)

If I could give any advice here, it would be this: Don’t wait to check items off of your bucket list. Start now.
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3 thoughts on “Bucket List Item Completed!

  1. Mary,
    Congratulations on a great finish. You inspire people for sure! Have fun on your trip and prayers for a great drs report. I am friends & neighbors with your fake aunt Karen & uncle Mike Rempel.

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