A lot of wonderful people over the past few years have helped us out so much. Monetary donations, benefits, fundraisers etc. 

You have no idea idea how much not worrying about paying the mortgage has meant to our family, Due to rising medical costs and time off of work. Everything will go to derek and Mack when I’m gone, which is one of the biggest worries I have right now. 

So, even more amazingly generous and wonderful people are throwing a fundraiser for us on Feb 6th. Please see flyer below. I hate to ask for anything, pretty much ever, but so many people have been working so hard on this, and it brings me to tears. A special shout out to my dear friend Kelly who started this whole thing, along with her whole family.   Also a special thank you to the Fornaro family. You are such selfless people. And everyone else who has donated time, services, food, raffle baskets etc. our hearts are full.

Finally thank you to Brittany Gidley. One of the most talented photographers I’ve ever met, who gave us a gift we can never repay her for. Memories.
Below is the ticket entry. Tickets must be purchased in advance. $50  per person and $95 per couple. Please contact Kelly for additional details: or 440-567-0976

*Please note: any reserved ticket must be purchased by Saturday the 9th of January.   

3 thoughts on “Fundraiser 

  1. Every now and then I see something that reminds me of working with so many great people in Cleveland, which obviously includes you. Please know my thoughts and prayers are, as always, with you and your family.

  2. If I was in the States, I’d be there like a bear – hope it goes well. I’ve been following your story for a couple of years, and you and your family are often in my thoughts. I’ve been moved to laughter by your humour, and to tears by your struggle and your awe-inspiring love for your son and your husband. I wish you, and them, all the very best in the world x

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