once upon a time, there was a little girl named Erin Potter. I remember reading posts about her struggles battling leukemia since she was a toddler. I remember distinctly sitting in the parking lot at 5 below in Mayfield Hts, Ohio, not wanting to go in because her mom, Jeni, was on the radio. Everyone was rallying to help her meet Justin Beiber, and to raise money. And I remember crying. Deep, horrible, can’t-catch-my-breath, ugly crying. I thought, what must that be like at such a young age? What is it like as a parent to have to go through what she was going through?

Well, now I know. Except what I don’t think Erin realizes is that she is, and has been, such an inspiration to me. Our stories and treatments are very similar. Whenever I think about dying, I always think I’m just too young. I just want to see Mack grow up…

But I’m 33. Twenty plus years older. At least I have a Mack! I have a husband, a house, my drivers license! I graduated from high school and college! I really have lived. It puts a lot into perspective when you see someone so much younger than you, be so incredibly brave. And when I start feeling sorry for myself, I think about people like Erin or like kris and I think “things could always be worse”.

Erin is currently cancer free, after one failed transplant, and a successful donor transplant. THIS. This is why she’s a total bad ass, and I want to be like her.

The entire Potter family has been very supportive and generous to us. So much, in fact, that the annual “Potter Trot” this year is in support of me and my family. I really can’t put into words how grateful/honored/flattered we are. thank you!

For more on Erin: http:Erin meets donor

For more on the Potter Trot (5k race/1 mile walk): Potter Trot info

Additionally thanks for all the well wishes! Feeling back to “normal” after my recent bout with C diff. Gross. Still sore and fatigued a lot, but chugging along, and getting back into a workout routine/running has made me feel semi human again. I am still going into the Hospital once weekly for lab checks and magnesium infusion, but whatever. I’ll do that for the rest of my life if it means I’m cancer free! My next scan will be end of October or early November. I’m going to try not to think about it, until like a week before.

My hair is growing a lot, but sporadically. It looks like male pattern baldness, except with pubic hair. I also have dandruff all over the place, because the skin on my head is so dry. I have used all kinds of lotions and creams etc., but it’s still really dry. Someone once told me that coconut oil or olive oil on your head opens up the hair cuticles, allowing your hair to come in more quickly and without the dryness. That’s great, but I don’t want to smell like sunscreen or an Italian meal all day long, nor do I want it all over my pillows at night. Pass. Sadie is officially one year old now, and had her check up at the vet earlier this week. We came home with anti anxiety/depression medications because apparently she’s nuts. So you know, that seems appropriate for our family.

next week is our annual Fake Family Reunion! Can’t wait! Until then-here are some pics from he last few weeks!



Steelers pre-season game. Don't judge me, I go for the beer.

Steelers pre-season game. Don’t judge me, I go for the beer.










Just reading about bugs and eating beans (normal?) with cousin Leah!

Just reading about bugs and eating beans (normal?) with cousin Leah!



















I said, ok you can try a little bit on a spoon...

I said, ok you can try a little bit on a spoon…










Mack and his GF, Quinn

Mack and his GF, Quinn










This was my throw back Thursday pic! My giant ass spleen!

This was my throw back Thursday pic! My giant ass spleen!










One thought on “Erin.

  1. Life sounds good Mary, so happy you are feeling better. We too have a friend who’s little girl is battling cancer. She was diagnosed last year at the age of 4 and she is now 5. I too think of her and you and I feel very guilty of feeling sorry for myself. I’m 57 with 2 grown up sons and 2 grandsons. But I also want to see them grow up. We are not selfish wanting to be cancer free and live our lives. I will continue to pray for us all. As a good day is a great day for us all. FU@#$ CANCER!!!

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