this is going to sound really weird, but here it goes. 

Last night, I couldn’t sleep well. (Shocker). Every time I was able to fall asleep though, I kept having the same reoccurring dream over and over again. I couldn’t see any faces, and didn’t know what it was about. But in my dream, I was told by someone to post a blog to someone named Alicia. And, if you’re name happens to be Alicia, here is the message you’re supposed to hear: “stop worrying about it. Everything is going to be ok”. 

So now I’m curious! If this somehow pertains to you, please fill me in on what this means! Also if this happens to be real, I’m going to buy a lotto ticket. 

9 thoughts on “Alicia.

  1. Well, Mary… While I don’t know that it pertains to me I can tell you that my eldest daughter is Alicia and she has some emotional issues. Lots going on and I’ll tell her you had this dream. I’m sure it will bring her some comfort. Hope you are having a fabulous day.
    Much love, Rochelle

  2. Hey Mary! Not sure of anyone by that name, although, we were in Angels with a girl, Allisha McQuery (she and I recently re-connected). She had gone to Chardon schools. Though this does not pertain to me, I did want to share with you that I have gotten a solid handful of messages in unconventional ways for others. It is awesome that you shared the message! Rock on, crouton! Holler if you wanna talk random strangeness at all – Love to you today and I hope that you can get some rest today or at least tonight.

  3. I’m not Alicia but this is sound advice for anyone. I think it’s awesome you posted this for all the Alicia’s out there. So happy to hear your PET scan came out clear. Still rooting for you and praying in Wisconsin. #suckitcancer

  4. Hello Mary,
    My name is Alicia, pronounced A-lee-cee-a. When my cousin Darlene called me today to inform me on your blog, I instantly got the goose bumps and began to cry. I was suppose to be getting married 10/17/15 to who I believed was my Prince Charming. A month ago my world came crashing down when he called off our wedding out of the blue. I feel humiliated, lost, confused, and like my world is upside down…. Never ever did I see this coming, so now I’m trying my very best to pick up the pieces and move on with my life but every day is a challenge.. Not to mention 75% of the wedding planning was complete… My parents lost out on so much money, I have a box of invites a wedding dress bridesmaid dresses and so much more that I’m just trying to sort… Hearing this message I feel that God works in amazing ways. I truly feel he is delivering a message in a very creative way… It is a sense of comfort that there is hope again, and this is only a minor set back to what is in store for my son and I.
    Thank you again Mary!

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