TMI update

ok so just a friendly warning! TMI post. Here we go:

So as it turns out, no GVHD!!!! Nope, instead I have c diff which is essentially like infectious diarrhea, weight loss, random nausea, fatigue and lack of appetite. I could have had this for quite a while, considering I have had all the above symptoms, minus the poopy part until recently. The GI doctor I spoke with, said that with all the antibiotics that I’m on, combined with my frequent trips to the hospital is likely how I picked it up. AWESOME. Hospitals are so clean. Derek and Mack are fine because they aren’t as susceptible as I am, and have been exposed for weeks with no symptoms themselves. 

Feeling much better with fluids and meds-pretty hungry in fact. Even though I had 3 pointless enemas today, at least I don’t have to get a giant scope shoved up my ass.  I’m so beyond elated not to have gvhd, which means my German man is cooperating with me, and getting along great with my healthy cells 🙂 

Hopefully will be out of here tomorrow. I am ready to get better, be a better wife, mom,  and friend. In other words, I can’t wait to just be normal again. Thanks for all the encouragement and prayers! Never thought I would be so happy to have c diff! 💩💩

-please say a few extra prayers for my friend bob. He could really use some positive vibes.

Happy to have c diff. Please don’t mind my no makeup and chapped lips selfie.

9 thoughts on “TMI update

  1. Woohoo! May I just tell you that you always look so pretty no matter what crap ( no pun intended) is being thrown at you. Amazing! 😎

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