I PASSED!!!!!!!!

Challenge: PET #1. Challenge accepted. Challenge Complete. Move on to Challenge #2!

So I actually have some GREATTTTTTT news to share!!!! Today, I received a call from my PA, who spoke with the doctor who was scheduled to perform my surgical biopsies. The doctor took another look at my scan, and determined that the spots on my left hip and spine were just muscle strains pulling on the bones, causing inflammation! I’ve never been so happy to have a muscle strain in my life!!!

The spot on my right shoulder was too small to determine etiology (it’s only 7 mm), but there is a good likelihood that it’s also a strain of some sort, since there is no mass surrounding the area.

So……No surgery!!!!!!! Right now, I have a 99.9% clear PET scan!!!!!!!!! The plan is to enjoy the rest of summer, and then another PET in 3 months (November). This, I am calling Challenge #2.

Thank you all so much for all the positive vibes/prayers/encouragement et al. It totally worked!!!!!!!!!!!

-To clear scans, and butt strains-

PS. I would also just like to give a gigantic FUCK YOU to cancer.

7 thoughts on “I PASSED!!!!!!!!

  1. I have had great news twice today. My one friend is also cancer free and now you. I have never felt so much joy and relief for 2 people, besides myself waiting on results. I’m sooooooooooo happy I could scream!!! Mary you are my inspiration. Enjoy your family. xxxxx

  2. Thrilled by this great news! Tomorrow is my 60th birthday and would’ve been my husband’s 58th ( yup, same birthday). I join you in the Fuck You Cancer campaign. Xoxo

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