All The Things-All The Days!


Whoa. 20 days since my last post? I’m a complete failure on the blogging front!!

Since my last post, my appointments with my doctors were cut down from twice per week to only once per week, which is both nice and scary at the same time! My counts have been good (mostly normal or close to normal….knock on wood), and liver enzymes are nearly back to normal. In addition, my 30 day test came back showing that 100% of the donor’s cells are still present in my body! All great signs! The only shit part of that is, I’ve had awesome blood work in the past, and still had cancer throughout my whole body 😦

I’m still super super shaky all over, mostly my hands, and as of late, the palms of my hands have started to really hurt/cramp. My low back and right hip seems to be very painful every day, and my muscles are so tight everywhere, that I can’t even stretch! So tonight, my hubs gifted me with a sports massage, which will hopefully help. This may be due to increased activity (working out as much as I can), or something with the donor transplant. Don’t know. Sucks either way. I am extremely fatigued still which is probably the most annoying symptom that I still have. My mind wants to be productive and get 1000 things done on any given day, but my body is more like… “merp. Naps.” Additionally, two weeks ago, I started doing something really awesome! I started to dry heave/vomit after taking my pills in the morning, after thinking about pills, when someone talks about the hospital, etc. Each time, I only throw up water, which I guess is good? It’s really insane. I mean I KNOW it’s totally in my head, and that I’m not really sick. Not to mention, it doesn’t happen all the time! It’s just like, BAM! –excuse me, have to go barf now. I haven’t had this problem since Saturday, so perhaps I’m cured! It’s extremely aggravating to know that my mind is controlling this, and not to be able to stop it. I’ve tried a variety of meds, and not much seems to work. Oh well. Hopefully it will pass with time.

Tuesday, the 28th is my first PET scan in 6 months; first one post transplant. I’m totally freaking out about it. I guess that is understandable, considering I never have clear scans. I spoke with the doctor about the scan, and the horrid question of “what happens if”. The answer to that, I’d rather not discuss in today’s blog. Trying to keep it as positive as possible. If you have the time, I could really use some powerful juju/positive thoughts/prayers or anything else, to help me get through this. I will be sure to blog that night, as I should receive my results some time in the early evening.

Our fourth of July was fun. We had a small group of family and friends over, which was really nice. We did not brave the awful post-fireworks traffic, and instead lit some sparklers at home for the kids. They loved it. The next day–again, extra special thanks to Maggie and Jake B.–We went to the Indians game! Jake, who is a coach with the Astros, got us VIP wrist bands to go on to the field, watch the practice and meet the players!!! It was so amazing!!!! We even got our picture taken with Sandy Alomar Jr., and he signed a ball for Mack! Mack had no idea, but Derek and I felt like we were back in middle school/high school when Sandy was playing. Very fun. This awesome experience was followed by amazing seats in the players’ family section. I used all kinds of sanitizer and wipes being in such a public place (which made me so nervous), but it was totally worth it. It’s a memory that we all can share. Thanks again, guys ❤

Last week, I had the honor of attending one of my best friend’s baby shower. After patiently waiting on the adoption list for quite some time, they were blessed with a beautiful newborn baby girl. She is so sweet, and I am honestly over-the-moon excited for them. I always knew they would make wonderful parents, and they sure did prove me right. We also attended Derek’s little cousin, Dominick’s graduation party. He has a scholarship to play soccer at Bowling Green University! We are all so excited and proud of him, and can’t wait to come do a keg stand!….er… a game!

My F-cousin Becky (also Mack’s Godmother), and her kids are in town this week! On Tuesday after my long day of infusion, Mack and I went to play with them. It’s so cute how much they love each other. Becky and I sat outside talking, for hours, and it was so wonderful. We were talking about the way the kids played together and how they talk about eachother–it’s just like us when we were younger. When I was sitting there, (now granted it was an absolutely beautiful day, and I was on a few drugs post infusion), I was thinking about how much I wished we could slow it down-life that is. I have really learned to appreciate very silly things that I may have over looked before I had cancer. I have also really learned just how important a solid friendship can be, and that friends are not expected–they are earned. To have a good friend, you must be a good friend. And I’m so lucky to have so many people in my life who have earned this title.

And on a lighter note, I have always wanted to get my nose pierced. When I was younger, the time where it wouldn’t be so awkward to get a piercing of that nature, I just never had the guts to do it. I thought it would hurt too bad, or that it would make my nose look ginormous. I just kept getting older (wtf is that about?!) and then I would just think, meh, now you’re too old. You missed your window. Well last week, I was with my friend Kelly in her mini van with all 4 of our kids (collectively), when I decided let’s do it! So Kelly, me, the kids (3 in carseats), and the mini, drove around downtown Willoughby looking for body piercing places. (Don’t worry we only went to the places that we knew were clean, either by word of mouth or online review). When we pulled into the tattoo shop/body piercing place in the mini van, needless to say we got quite a few stares! In just 5 minutes, it was done! I totes did it! And you know what? I love it, and I’m proud of myself. There is never a time better than the present, to do something you’ve wanted to do in the past, and didn’t. Also, I’m a total badass now. (note: This was not per doc’s approval, and likely not a good idea for those readers currently in recovery! I just finally got the nerve. Docs were not pleased, but laughed at me! :))

Ok so I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I want to specifically thank the following coworkers of mine, who so generously donated leave so that I could get treatment and attend appointments. Normally I wouldn’t call anyone out so publicly, however I think you all should see how selfless these people are! All of these wonderful people have really kept our family afloat this year. I’m not sure what we would have done if I weren’t able to receive a regular paycheck. So thank you and I love you all: Melissa V., Todd W., Thair A., Ray and Amy C., Paul M., Phil S., Debra and Gary U., Joe Z., John M., Colleen O., Sally S., Andrea C., Rob and Therese M., Jason C., Jason K., Matt H., Katelyn G., Ann-Marie M., Bernadette D., John S., Mark K., Andrea T., Jessica M., Gene L., PJ, Karla L., Amy J., Brian H., Marry Ann W., Stacia C., Lenora Y., Bridget M., Dave C., Nelda L., Gretchen S., Sandra W., Rick V., Tracey T., Abby W., Kathy S., Katherine P., Kevin Q., Rob B., Jamie B., Jeanine G., Pete L., Teresa N., and most especially, George K. Thank you so so so much. God Bless you all.

Also please keep my Aunt Patty in your prayers today. ❤

Nose rings and positive PETs,


**Please note: The webinar series is on hold, as my trainer Bob has been out of town, and our schedules have not meshed as of late. But I promise we will get it done, and get you the info ASAP!!! In the mean time, Here is a suggested workout for anyone! Sick or not sick, it is ideal for someone just starting to work out, or for someone who typically has fatigue. Just something to get your blood flowing! I’m going to call this routine, Bob’s immune booster workout, because after doing this for one week, my white counts almost doubled! (if you don’t know what some of these moves are, until we get the webinar up and running, check them out on youtube. Just type in the name of the move).

Monday, Weds, Friday: Cross-body punches-25 each side, Tall arm planks-as long as possible, push-ups 5 times really slow concentrating on perfect form, squat kicks-25 each side. Perform all of these moves one right after another-no break. Repeat this entire set 3 times in a row. After this workout is completed, be sure to get a solid 10 minutes of fresh air. A Walk, bike ride, walking the dog etc. Nothing too strenuous.

Tues, Thurs, Sat: 30 minutes of cardio; elliptical trainer, power walking, biking, or running if you’re able.



Fishing with Papa

Fishing with Papa

My sweet little Godson, Ozzie

My sweet little Godson, Ozzie

RADISHES!!!! ...doesn't like to eat em, but sure likes to pick em!

RADISHES!!!! …doesn’t like to eat em, but sure likes to pick em!

Sadie sleeps so weird!

Sadie sleeps so weird!

Such a beautiful family <3

Such a beautiful family ❤

Friends. AKA Family.

Friends. AKA Family.



Sandy Freakin Alomar!!!!

Sandy Freakin Alomar!!!!

Batting practice-Progressive Field

Batting practice-Progressive Field

View from our seats at the game

View from our seats at the game

Happy 4th with my Best Bud!

Happy 4th with my Best Bud!

These two Pals. :)

These two Pals. 🙂




One thought on “All The Things-All The Days!

  1. Hi, Mary. Meg Lawrence is my first grade teaching partner. She shared your blog with me because one of my children’s friends was diagnosed with Hodgkins & is currently undergoing treatment. So far her disease is responding well, however it has taken a toll on her emotionally. I’m praying she will complete her treatments. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how incredibly courageous I think you are, and I pray for you everyday. I will be thinking about you on Tuesday, and pray that the PET scan brings the positive news that you so richly deserve. God bless you and your family, Mary!!

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