The Suck vs. the Awesome 

Just a quick update. Weighing in on the pros vs cons since my last post. Here are my thoughts, in outline form:

A. The Suck

1. I have developed an allergy to the adhesive used on medical tape and bandages, causing my skin to literally bubble and rip off in spots. It feels really amazing.

2. I still have super shaky hands.

a. i.e. You should really see me try to eat soup or light a candle.

3. Fatigue

b. still very present, and still very annoying.

4. Counts down

c. Last week my counts were down, causing me to panic a bit, since I appeared to  have beginning stages of graft vs host disease.

B. The Awesome

1. REAL SHOWER!!!!!!

a. Due to my skin allergy, I had my picc line removed, and was able to take an actual shower, (stand fully under the water), for the first time since 4/30! Showers are so underrated.

2. Back to working out (about time).

b. Bob Kaleal, my trainer, has been helping me stretch, tone, and get my energy back. He’s amazing.

i) *Side Note: Bob and I will be doing a webinar series soon, so look for the link on my blog some time within the next 2 weeks! It’s going to document my progress with the transplant by monitoring my blood counts weekly, along with my weight, diet, and will also show basic stretching techniques and exercises that will help both cancer patients undergoing chemo, as well as those who have undergone transplant. Our hope is to teach, inspire and motivate others. 🙂

3. Blood counts

a) up this week! It may have been due to the exercises I’ve been doing with Bob. As most of you know, exercise boosts your white blood cells, so this is imperative for cancer patients, as well as cancer prevention.

4. Public Places!

b) Got the OK for some public places, so long as no one is actively coughing or puking next to me. Whoop!

i.) We are going to the Indians game on Monday! Special thank you to the Beitings (Jake and Maggie) for this special night out for us. 🙂

5. BEER!

a) Got the OK for one beer per week, and see how it goes!!! I’ll take that allllll day. 🙂

So as you can see, as per usual, the good outweighs the bad. In other news, Mack learned to swim under water this week, and passed his swim test to move up to the next level at his swim school. He said “I am so pwoud of myself. I did it all by my own!!”

This week Sadie either ate or chewed the following things:

1-5 feet of temporary fencing

2-citronella candles with the tin buckets around them

2-stuffed animals in their entirety

1/2-thai basil plant (..hope it was spicy you little bitch)

1,000,000 Legos.

But God love her, she’s still cute. Happy 4th everyone. Please don’t forget to thank all military service members and veterans this weekend. Also, if you’re going to shoot a gun up in the air, please make sure you’re using blanks. Bullets eventually come down, ya know.

Best wishes to Linda G. (an amazing S-3 nurse of mine), and her hubby, Dr. Harry Potter, who are settling down elsewhere. You will be missed!!!

PS Just so you all know, I indented my outline in proper MLA format, however for some reason my blog doesn’t like it. But just wanted you to know. I love outlines. That is all. (drop mic)


Picc line site, and cool open wounds from the bandage. #bringingleprosyback

Picc line site, and cool open wounds from the bandage. #bringingleprosyback


Just hanging with Godson Henry (aka Hank), and cousin Lucy :)

Just hanging with Godson Henry (aka Hank), and cousin Lucy 🙂

Sweet Baby Graham

Sweet Baby Graham

3 thoughts on “The Suck vs. the Awesome 

  1. Literally shed a little tear after reading this.
    1. Showers are awesome and I’m so happy you are getting to enjoy them again.
    2. You get to drink a beer and while no biggie for me I know you totally enjoy.
    3. your workouts and the video documenting for others.
    Wow. Good for you and great for others. So inspiring. You really are something, Mary.
    Oh, and big hugs to the swimmer.
    Love, strength, and peace always being sent your way. Rochelle

  2. I feel bad for your allergy to the bandages. Your wounds look very sore. Glad you are working out, I give you a lot of credit as I know that has to be tough on you. Congrats to Mack. How wonderful he is doing so well. All little ones should be taught how to swim. Enjoy the game and your daily beer you deserve it. Praying everything will improve and your hands quit shaking. Keep doing what you are doing and get your life back. Happy 4th to you and your family. You inspire me and make me appreciate my life.

  3. Love hearing from you… Cheers for the beer, sweet shower, your little fish and your trainer, boo to shakes, bandages and fatigue.

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