well I’m officially bald like a baby’s ass. That sure didn’t take long! In other news, my thrush/mucusitis is nearly gone. I’m able to eat and drink, however it still hurts a little after I swallow-kind of feels like when you scream all night at a concert, and your throat is raw. Sadly though, I was not at a concert. :/ 

My new white cells are totally winning. (Thanks German guy)! On Tuesday, my WBC count was .4. On weds, they were 11.6! Today… may need to sit down for this, they were 22!!!! Hopefully they stick! As of right now, I’m set to be discharged oh Monday!! That’s four days!! It’s been a super long 3+ weeks here, and I am missing my family terribly. 

Stay toned for hopefully more progress!

Love you derek and Mack. Be home soon my loves.

Ps: Jen, so sorry I had a total puke fest when you came to visit. So rude. 



5 thoughts on “Winning.

  1. You got this thing kicked in the ass!!!!!!! Praying you continue to feel better each day and those WBC go through the roof!!!!!!

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