The Ring of Fire

….and it burns burns burns, the ring of fire.

Finally got that neutropenia fever. Now I have to submit myself to a million tests, X-rays and blood cultures, to make sure that I don’t have an infection anywhere since my counts are at 0. Very annoying, but I know it’s necessary. Luckily I have the best B taking care of me 🙂

Almost 3 days since I’ve eaten. Still can barely swallow. The pain meds help, but it kills to swallow water, so I’ve taken to just sucking on ice chips. Meanwhile im getting fluids, and vitamins via IV.

My precious little nugget graduated from preschool today! Video enclosed. Shout out to my friend kelly for the video! Note: Mack is hitting himself in the face and saying “ahh come on!” Because he doesn’t like having everyone take his picture. Lol. Oh kids! Also pictured below is our dog Sadie trying to bring 4 foot long tree branches in the house, and my nurse Teresa displaying all of the blood cultures that need to be collected.





Derek took Mack to his fave restaurant for graduation dinner :)

Derek took Mack to his fave restaurant for graduation dinner 🙂





2 thoughts on “The Ring of Fire

  1. Sending good thoughts and prayers to you. I can understand how hard it was not to attend Mack’s graduation. I missed both my son’s graduations from law school and college because of an illness. I know it sucks. But you’ll be there for all the others. I hope you start to feel better soon. Thinking of you. x

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