So, I developed mucusitis in my mouth, tongue and throat-an awesome side effect of my chemo/anti rejection drugs. On top of that, I have horrible heartburn. I can’t swallow water, let along food of any kind, and now that my counts are finally at 0, I’m puking quite a bit which includes blood because of my throat infection, and because I have nothing on my stomach. The only thing I can really do is stay on pain meds every few hours around the clock, which by the way, also makes me puke since my stomach is empty. They said this will last 3 to 4 more days, and I’m on a bunch of fluids/vitamins/electrolytes etc in the mean time. 

Normally I wouldn’t complain, and I usually say things could always be worse, but today I feel like complaining, because I’m in a ton of pain, and I feel like bitching about it!

Mack “graduates” preschool tomorrow! I’m so sad that I won’t be there, but at least derek and my dad will be. I’m sure I’ll get lots of pics and videos. Can’t wait to see them!

And now I’m off to watch the CAVS game, and throw back a few ice chips. Whoop. 

Ps: spoke too soon. Woke up this morning with my hair all over the pillow. Merp.



10 thoughts on “Ouch. 

  1. Oh Mary, I feel so bad you are suffering. I hope you feel better soon. And I feel bad you are missing Mack’s graduation. But think of it this way, you’ll be at all his others. Hang in there, you are one tough girl. Praying for you. Oh and you are entitled to bitch all you want. x

  2. I’m just a stranger who stumbled upon your blog…I don’t even know how at this point. I’m sorry you’re in pain, I’m sorry you’re dealing with this and I can only imagine how you’re feeling. I should comment as often as I read so that you have a true visual of all the people that are hanging on your words and praying for your progress. Your words are strong, your wit and humor are strong and your will is stronger – you will see more and more of Mack’s milestones. Hang in there and complain all you want – whatever it takes.

  3. That really looks like it hurts! I really hope you start feeling better soon! Hang in there girl! You got this!! 🙂

  4. Mary I don’t know you all that well… BUt I DO! You could be any one of my daughters I look forward to your posts an laughing and crying with you. You are a talented and beautiful woman and I don’t want to lose you! My mojo is fighting for you to be here forever… Plus I love you and I think the world needs you
    CMON God. Help!

  5. Hang in there Mary you have this almost beat by the ass and you have a right to be bitchy with all that you have had to go through.So sorry that you have to miss your baby’s graduation from pre-school but just think you will have all his other milestones to celebrate with him when you beat this.Keep your spirits up and kick this big time!

  6. I’ve been following your blog since I saw it on a friend’s Facebook page a few months ago. We are at day +67 with our 2 year old and understand so much of what you are going through. I am so moved by your strength and humor through all of this and am praying that all goes well and finds you healed on the other side!

    I am blogging our journey now and while it’s not nearly as amazing and witty as yours, you are welcome to read it to kill time in the hospital. Here’s to hoping you are out and home with your beautiful boy and husband soon!


    Prayers and well wishes!

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