One Day Old

received my stem cell transplant yesterday. It wasn’t nearly as long nor as bad as I remember my auto transplant being, which is a good thing. The process was essentially the same-a large needle filled with my donor’s cells, injected directly into my trifusion line, and that’s pretty much it! The worst symptoms I experienced were from all the pre and post medications, used to ward off any adverse reactions. I slept all afternoon and night and woke up a few times wondering both who and where I was. So things could have been worse I suppose. 

In a cruel twist of fait, I finished chemo, and did not lose my hair (of course.because that is my luck). I still may lose it, depending on reactions I may experience, but this is one story I’d like to look back and laugh about as the biggest concern during this time.-not whether or not the transplant worked. Because ya know…..story of my life!

Feeling ok so far this morning-sitting up and went for a walk. Still receiving lots of fluids, so I have to pee a lot, and feel extra bloated and full of medications. But I’m not puking, so that’s a step in the right direction for sure! 

Once again, the staff here on Seidman 3 has been amazingly supportive. With derek working more now, and not being able to come up to visit with Mack as much, it is comforting to have friendly faces nearby. They all really bend over backwards for their patients, and it doesn’t go unnoticed!

I was hoping to wake up with a hankering for Wiener schnitzel, but for now, I’ll stick with some oatmeal. You know…play it safe. 

But one of these days, I am going to walk out of this hospital feeling normal-living a normal life-and I’m never coming back. 

4 thoughts on “One Day Old

  1. Everything sounds good. I’m praying extra for the best results. So glad it has gone smoothly. I also pray you will walk out of the hospital healthy. My thoughts remain with you and your family. Hurry up as Mack is waiting for you at home with his daddy. xx

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