Day #2 and #3..Puke and Skittles 

In a ton of pain from my procedure the other day. My collar bone is all bruised up and my muscles, including my right boob, feel like someone punched me 5736829 times. 

I am not however having anymore pain meds since the diuladid I was taking overnight on an empty stomach made me barf a bunch this morning. —the goods news is that now I have more room for skittles, which makes everything better. 

Getting chemo now. So far, just feeling tired, shakey and just a little “off”, If that makes sense. Trying to walk around as much as I can, since everyone says that helps. 

Ps eating presti’s pizza=awesome. Throwing up presti’s pizza=not awesome 


3 thoughts on “Day #2 and #3..Puke and Skittles 

  1. Mmmm I see a bakery sign in that pic. Maybe a cookie will sit better in your stomach although Skittles aren’t too shabby.
    Cheering for you always.

  2. When I read your posts I realize how lucky we all are. We are not going through what you are. You make my heart ache for you. Be tough Mary and hang in there as I know the outcome will be well worth it. You are a true inspiration…….my hero. xxx

  3. Mary, I don’t think you know me, but I am an ’03 JCU alum…looks like we have bunch of friends in common. Ever since I came across your blog through a Facebook post, I have been cheering for you and praying for you! You are a true inspiration, a strong fighter, and soon enough I believe you will have beat this nasty disease! If anyone can do it, seems like you’d be the one! Stay strong!

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