Day #1: Surgery 

had my port removed and a trifushion catheter placed in my chest today. At 1:30 in the morning I will start some sort of chemo. For some reason my cath is like right next to my right ariola which is so utterly convenient and comfortable! Oh wait. Jk. 

In other news, while in the radiology waiting room, I had the pleasure of overhearing the guy next to me conduct two drug deals via telephone. So at least that was entertaining! 

Thanks for the well wishes! Until tomorrow! Xoxoxoxo 


4 thoughts on “Day #1: Surgery 

  1. Hahaha can’t wait to read this to my daughters. They’ll get a real hoot out of it all. Who says cancer’s not funny? 😜

  2. Mary, We wish you all the best and pray for you all the are such an inspiration to all.Keep the fight! We are friends with your fake family Mike & Karen(live across the street).Prayers for you & your whole family.

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