A Sigh Of Relief!

This morning I had my PET scan. Overall,  great news!!! Cancer totally gone in my liver and stomach and spine. A few cells (not tumors) showing in my right armpit and on my bronchial tube but they are very very small. Doc was super surprised (in a good way)!! Bad news is that I was kicked out of the trial because now that my liver is ok, there is nothing to test! (Ok by me!) as far as next steps go, I can’t have the cisplatin anymore  (the chemo I was getting) because I’m starting to lose my hearing. This makes me a little nervous because obviously this drug worked for me! But my doc says the cancer is at bay enough now that there are other drugs we can use. He would like me to take an oral chemo and have radiation. He doesn’t think I should go down for transplant until I’m in total remission, but he is going to be corresponding with my Anderson docs over the next few days to see what they think!!!! Totes planning on having a big fat margarita tomorrow night!!!!!!!

Thanks again for all the well wishes! I will keep you all posted! Hopefully this is all a sign of only good things to come! ❤️

12 thoughts on “A Sigh Of Relief!

  1. Mary this was so amazing to just read! What wonderful news! Sending you love and positive vibes from Pittsburgh and you should have two margaritas!

  2. So happy! Plus, on my end my daughter picked out her wedding gown first time out. Good news all around.😊 Much love. Rochelle

  3. This is the greatest news I have heard in a long time. Enjoy your day, Happy Birthday. I feel things will now remain to get better and better. I can hardly contain the happiness I feel for you and me. It feels wonderful.If I could sing, I’d sing from the rooftops lol.

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