Cancer is so stupid!

Back in the hospital again; getting “tumor fevers” like I used to get, but fever got over 104 on Christmas night, so was admitted around 2 am. Still here prob through tomorrow. Very homesick. Feels like derek and mack have this whole life without me. Also seems like mack is used to me being gone, and doesn’t seem to miss me that much. This sucks.

Last night my real family/fake cousins threw our annual fake family party at the hospital so that I could participate, which was so awesome of them. Love you guys 🙂

Here are some awesome perks about being here this time:

1) received ice cold eggs for breakfast
2) next door to a violent puker on one side, and someone who apparently can’t hear on the other side, since he/she let their IV beep all night long
3) apparently it’s warm outside. I wouldn’t know. Wah wah wah.
4) there are just so many activities here! I think after I shower, I might walk around in a giant circle! Or maybe sit on the couch! Or maybe even the chair!! Lol, well I don’t want to get crazy.

Fuck you cancer,

8 thoughts on “Cancer is so stupid!

  1. Oh Mary, I so understand. Just saw this post as I walked out of yoga where I’m supposed to clear my mind. Ha. I think of my husband the whole time! I don’t think crying in yoga is the norm.
    Have a sweet old pity party. You will feel better and you sure as hell deserve one. Much love and peace. Rochelle

  2. So utterly shitty for you at Christmas time – fuck it indeed. I really hope that you feel better soon. Hope you don’t mind my writing, as I don’t know you (came to your moving, funny, inspiring blog via random Freshly Pressed reading some months ago). I’m not a pray-er, but you will definitely be in my thoughts over the holidays. I think you are incredibly brave, and deserve all the luck in the world in your indefatigable fight against this godforsaken disease. Best wishes and hopes for the future, M

  3. Mary-
    I want you to know that I follow your posts and pray for you often. You have an amazing sense of humor…don’t ever lose it. Hang in there!!!

  4. Hope your home to ring in the new year! Your blog is award winning funny. I give you tons of credit. Xoxo
    Happy vibes. Cancer sucks. Fact.
    You rock hard. Fact.

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