We’re baaaack

Well in the true clusterfuck of Anderson communication, within 24 hours of returning home, I received a call that they wanted me back on Monday for surgical prep, biopsy Tuesday. My dad came with me this time, as it was too much for both derek and I to leave mack again so soon. A good friend of my dad’s generously gifted us a flight home between my appointments, so that I don’t have to miss Mack’s birthday for a second year in a row. So thank you again so so much, Mr. Arko!

The flight over was uneventful, except that I had to sit bitch for 2 hours, completely unable to move, and getting knocked by an elbow or a thigh every few seconds. My passenger neighbor smelled like ham, had a cough, and was breathing super heavy. Her burps smelled like halls and pickles. All I could think was damn. First class is the way to go. Meanwhile I kept myself busy reading a people magazine, which was kind of a mistake considering the main story was about the recent death of reality TV star Diem Brown…relapsed in stage 4 twice, age 32, no treatment options left, wrote a cancer blog, fought until the bitter end….sound eerily familiar? Ugh. Throw me a friggin bone here, universe. At least one success story please! Anyways, that girl was a total kick ass. Rip.

After learning of my relapse, I got my ass into gear. I have learned my lesson over the past few years that I will likely miss all or part of christmas due to either treatment or travel for treatment. So I finished all of my xmas shopping, set up all of the xmas decorations, addressed and sent out all of the xmas cards, made all of the treat bags for Mack’s class for this birthday, and ordered his birthday cake and a party tray for Xmas eve. This time I will be prepared!! I do not want my family missing out anymore on enjoying christmas. Not this time, cancer. Not this time.

Current symptoms: super itchy skin, fatigue and back pain. None of which are necessarily horrible, and totally work-through-able.

I am a bit nervous about mack because he’s been having super itchy skin without any noticeable rashes, which is a common sign of lymphoma. Of course it could be nothing, but I will live in a constant state of paranoiafor the rest of my life. Either way his well visit and cbc differential blood test with his ped is coming up, so I’m sure I’ll feel better once we have the results from that.

Tomorrow I meet with the stem cell transplant team at Anderson, and have a surgical prep consult for my spinal biopsy. Once again, the best part of this trip will be when I’m sedated for the procedure. Lol. I officially (dr orders) can no longer drink, so thaaaat’s cool. Dear Universe-If you’re going to give me stage 4 cancer, at least allow me to have some booze. kthanksbye.


More to come later. My blog site is being weird, so will try to update soon.


4 thoughts on “We’re baaaack

  1. You are always in my thoughts. My comments are not here lately because I’m dealing with my own crap over losing my husband. As the year ends I have mixed feelings. It was the best worst year of my life. The last year I had him. The beginning of the years without him.
    I continue to dream of only the best outcome for you. I am joyful for all happy news you get.
    Btw My husband told me “It’s all love. Everything is love.”
    We are not religious and could of been the drugs but it was nice to hear.

    • That is seriously such a positive thing to hear, and makes me feel better times a million. I think of you often and pray that you have some peace. Much love and good vibes-mary

  2. In an effort to minimize your worries just a little bit (maybe a lot a bit)… Winter in Ohio = super itchy skin for everyone. Praying Mack is a-okay! Always sending prayers your way!

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