Home At Last…for now.

Well we are back home, earlier than expected. Turns out the radiologists at Anderson never received my liver biopsy results, and therefore refused to biopsy the tumor on my spine. Only, they never told us that. We had been sitting around for days, waiting to be scheduled…waiting to have the final meeting with my oncologist there, which subsequently was cancelled, except no one told us that either. Awesome. Meanwhile, we spent an assload of money having to change our flights for this biopsy and final appointments…ugh. I know Anderson is the best place to go and I know they have the most up and coming treatments available. But the communication is horrible, and the bedside manner sucks ass.

They told me to expect a call around the second week of December, and that I will have to fly down for the biopsy and wait between 5-7 business days for the results. So you know what that means, folks. Christmas is going to suck again. Sweet. Obvie I’ll do whatever I have to do to get better though.

The only new news that I found out was that my CT scan results showed a number of what appear to be cancerous tumors in my spine. So basically we went down for some answers and came back with more questions.

The good news is that I got to snuggle my little guy all night. 🙂

This entire trip makes me really appreciate Seidman, my awesome oncologist and awesome nurses.

Also again, thank you to my cousin Kristen. Don’t know what we would have done without you.

More to come later….Mack wants to play mini golf!

One thought on “Home At Last…for now.

  1. I wish some doctors, nurses and medical assistants would put themselves in the patient’s shoes sometimes! Maybe it would make them a little more understanding, respectful (especially of your (limited) time and money!) I’m so glad you got to snuggle with Mack … praying for you every single day! xo

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