MD Anderson days 2 & 3

Again, just a brief post. On Thursday, I had a bilateral bone marrow biopsy. They gave me the option of sedation, which is a giant OBVIE, and the procedure went smoothly, although I’m still in quite a lot of pain. It should be noted however, that sedation was the best part of my trip!!

Today has been a long day, and it’s not over yet. Started our day with more tests at 6am (see enclosed pic of me drinking a half gallon of grape juice mixed with contrast at 6:30), and still have an MRI at 7pm. Extremely tired, both physically and mentally. The MRI results will show my Anderson onc a good look at my spine, and where to perform the biopsy. My schedule of “events” was updated to now include 3 different meetings with the stem cell transplant team here, so I’m not sure what the plan is. I don’t even care. Whatever treatment they suggest for me, I will do.

Losing weight still and not much of an appetite. Derek has been great on this “vacation” with me, and has also enjoyed his time with my cousin Kristen and her 3 boys. They are great distractions and support through all of this so we are very lucky.

Overall I have to say my experience at Anderson has been very different. No one is very friendly. I am literally just a number. Number 1092452 to be exact. It’s so strange coming from Seidman where I talk to my docs and nurses on the phone, go to dinner with them, run races with them etc. but I know that this is the best place we can be right now, and we are getting quality care, even if 99% of the people here have resting bitch face.

But things are looking up. Good news is I don’t have Ebola!


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