MD Anderson day #1

This post will be brief. Not a very encouraging day today. There is a chance that my cancer has progressed/transformed to an aggressive large B cell lymphoma. Good news is there are chemo treatments for that which I haven’t tried yet. Bad news is that it’s very aggressive and the treatments may not work.

We have to stay here through Thanksgiving, so that they can perform a biopsy of the tumor on my spine, among other testing. One fear is that if the cancer is in my spinal cord, it will spread to my brain.

Missing Mack terribly. Derek and I are having a really tough time and could really use some encouraging words. Right now the only thing I feel is defeat. Hopefully that will change soon.

Special thanks to my cousin Kristen and fam who have been such amazing hosts for us. We love you guys.


Ps. Adding to bucket list. Want to get on Ellen show. Not for me. For my husband who I love more than anything.

5 thoughts on “MD Anderson day #1

  1. You are not alone. We may not be in your position but we are here, surrounding you with love, prayers, and light. Some of us you know, and some of us you don’t know- but we are all here, holding you up. God’s blessings on you, Mary. Strong like Buell.

  2. I can’t imagine how you are feeling right now. You guys are going through so much it’s only normal to feel down and defeated. Try and take comfort in the positive thoughts and energy being put out there for you guys. You have a lot of people pulling for you and I know you will get that fighting spirit back again.

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