Hair Galore!

Yup…I’ve got all kinds of hairs. Currently my eyebrows are in a bushy, you kinda need to weed-wack me state, but I have to let them grow. The hair on my head is still blond-ish, and is getting pretty fuzzy. Last night, Mack didn’t want to go to bed until he rubbed my head for a minute, so he must be pretty excited about it too! But alas, now this means I’ll actually have to start using a razor. Damnit universe! I mean you gave me cancer twice, you couldn’t just leave my pubes out of the mix?! ..And just in time for summer. *Sigh*.

So I signed up for the Electric Run June 20th–thinking I would have plenty of time to gear up; get back to actual running outside, instead of just the elliptical. But then I hastily signed up for a race June 1st, Race for the Place–(The Gathering place, sponsored by Seidman)–so now I really need to get my shit together. I ran for the first time post transplant, late last week. Not only was I ABSOLUTELY DYING after about 1/4 mile, but I had to finish my usual 3 miler with an alternating walk/run. I was so pissed. I know it may not seem like that big of a deal, but  I was running an average of 5 miles before I relapsed. I know I’m able to do it, I just have to find it again. GD cancer keeps cramping my style. Asshole. Anyways, I’m going to attempt to try again today, even though its like 85 degrees outside. Only in Cleveland can it go from 40 to 90 in a matter of days.

Last week, I woke up with a fever of 101, and totally freaked out. I had a stuffy nose for about a week, and had been waking up feeling like I had been at an all night rager, so I was hoping it was just a sinus infection.  Thank God it was, but yowza. It sucks that I will have a panic attack any time I feel sick, but I guess it’s a decent excuse to pop a Lorazopam. (just kidding. …no I’m not!) I had to go right in to see my transplant doc, and my counts were amazeballs, so I was happy. Everything looks great. I hope what we keep seeing on those reports, also reflects whats going on internally. Especially considering before my miscarriage, I had lots of lab work which all came out normal, and yet I had raging cancer in my internal organs. But since I no longer have that good-for-nothing spleen, hopefully, only good news from here on out. (PS meanwhile while I was waiting in the transfusion center for my blood draw while I was sick, I ran into my girl Tamera who was on the transplant floor with me in March…who had also come in with a sinus infection! so weird! Holla!)

My mom actually works at University Hospital, where I’ve been receiving my care. She asked me if I would be willing to speak at a development meeting coming up in a few weeks. I guess I’m just supposed to tell my story of how this whole thing unfolded, and the care I’ve received up until this point (which has been awesome by the by). I’m not sure how it will help exactly, but hopefully someone finds my story interesting, and decides to drop an assload of money into the hospital 🙂 And if not, well I  hope Karma gets you. (just kidding).

I’m back to working a compressed schedule at work, which means I get every Monday off to spend with Mack (and/or schedule my doc visits). I’m so happy to spend these days with him though because I just feel like I’ve missed out on so much over the past 2 years, and he’s growing up way too fast. Yesterday, I had to go to his school (he starts Pre-K in Sept.), to drop off tuition and pick up the parent handbook. I mean I didn’t even have him with me, and I was getting all choked up! I know I just need to focus on where we are now, and look forward to all the years I will have with him (hopefully), but he’s only this age once, and I can’t believe he’s already at this point! :*(                         …although it is so weird how Mack’s getting older, and I’m getting younger. Good genes, I guess.

Mother’s Day was awesome. I did nothing. My boys took me to breakfast, and got me flowers and chocolate covered strawberries. Usually Derek and I switch off duties between who gives him a bath/brushes teeth, and who reads the books and puts him to bed. I did neither, and instead, enjoyed a glass of wine while watching trashy TV. It was terrif. Last Mother’s Day I had just gone through chemo, and felt horrible the whole day, so this was definitely better!

Our annual Fake Family reunion in PA is coming up next week and we are so excited. This is usually our only vacation for the year… although last October, we got to go to Gatlinburgh….but still. It’s always just so much fun, and its great to have everyone in the same place for a whole weekend. Can’t wait to see ya’lls!

My next appt with my transplant doc is Monday. I believe this is the day we’ll set up my PET scan, which makes me incredibly on-edge, but I’m super anxious to know whether or not this shit worked. Every time I start to think that it DID work, I try hard to think about something else, because I don’t want to jinx myself. lol. Hey call me cray if you want, but its not like we’ve had awesome luck! I mean just this morning for instance, I woke up early to start work, walk toward my office, and step directly on the ONE fucking leggo that was left out. And let me tell you, that HURTS. BAD. Stupid luck.

Some shout outs: Thank you to Craig, Kim, Kevin and Keri for entering me into this “woman of the year” contest. I haven’t heard the final results, but what they wrote about me was very humbling and sweet. So thank you guys. And thank you so much to those of you who voted for me. It was all so so nice.

My bestie just had a baby girl, after having two boys. Kisses to you, little Rosie 🙂

Thanks to my Fcuz Becky for the awesome shirt seen below!! The best part was that proceeds from the purchase went to an adoption agency for children with Down’s Syndrome. So awesome!

PS: Happy Mother’s Day, Kris ❤


Awesome shirt from Becky

Awesome shirt from Becky

beautiful mother's day flowers

beautiful mother’s day flowers

card from Mack--I thought he did a great job writing!

card from Mack–I thought he did a great job writing!


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