Spring has Sprung!

I am a bad blogger. I’ve been swamped lately, which is a good thing, because I’ve been feeling completely fine. Normal. So I’ve been busy doing normal things like working, cooking/cleaning, taking Mack to soccer, working out, and celebrating Easter with my family.

Physically being in the office for the first time in a month and a half this week, was exhausting and stressful. There was a lot of training, and lots to do, and I felt (and still feel) very behind. I’ve basically missed out on trainings and a regular work flow since December 2012! That’s a pretty long time. Especially in my job field. It gets really hard when you’re out of practice. Anyway, I noticed something about my coworkers. Everyone is so stressed out, worrying and spending so much energy on little things that are beyond their control, and I realized something. I no longer feel that way. Do I care about my job? Absolutely. Do I enjoy what I do, and do I try hard? Of course. Always. BUT, I don’t let it consume me, and I don’t get upset about things I’m unable to control-(like getting cancer for instance, or my son picking another kid’s nose during soccer practice..)

Quite a few people have told me that I am lucky to be feeling so well, just a month post transplant. I guess the difference is, I never had a period of remission. I went right from one type of chemo to another for a year and a half. I think because of that, I was “used” to a lot of the side effects, and it simply didn’t effect me the way it would someone who hadn’t had chemo in a year or more. (That’s not to say that I didn’t feel like shit, because I sure as eff did. And that transplant day…one of the most painful times in my life. However for the most part, I tried not to see anyone or schedule many visitors on my really bad days. Because I mean hell, if they think I’m strong and keep telling me that, maybe I’ll start to believe it too!) Additionally, I have tried to do absolutely everything the doctors suggest. Exercising as much as possible, eating healthy, helping my forgetfulness with word games and books, etc. So I guess if I could suggest anything at all, for anyone going through a transplant, its to do exactly as you’re told. I guess those docs get paid the big bucks for a reason. Also, it has been clinically proven that laughter is the best medicine. I certainly had my days where I didn’t want to get out of bed, but I befriended all of my nurses, and the staff, who were usually able to pull me out of my funk. It’s kind of like this…Say you’re in college, single, walking home from the library with a bunch of books in one of those plastic bags they give you at the library when you forget your book bag, because you really weren’t expecting that paper to require so many outside sources…anyway….you’re walking back to your dorm with your books, and its raining. You’re wearing rubber flip flops and jeans that are too long for you because you’re short. You pass a group of pretty good looking guys standing around outside near the set of concrete stairs that you have to climb up. You start to climb, but the wet rubber shoes, combined with the heavy bag, combined with the long pants……you slip out of your shoe half way up, and come crashing down in front of approximately 20 people. You scrape up your knees and elbow pretty badly, but you don’t care about that, do you?! Nope, you just laugh and laugh about what an idiot you are, because come on…no one likes a pansy. (Not that this story has ever happened to me, it was strictly an example, with quite a bit of detail…)

My hair is still barely growing, but growing. It’s a lot lighter and softer than the first time I lost it and it grew back, so I’m curious to see what it will look like. I have like 3 really extra light and fine hairs growing along my right brow line, but still no sign of lashes. (But on the plus, still no leg hair, so I’ll take it!) I signed up for the electric run, which is a 5K race on June 20th. Which means, I should probably try to start running again some time soon! That should be interesting. But I’m ready. Bring it on, baby!

In other news, my friend Tamara whom I met while I was in the hospital for my transplant, is fighting her second round of leukemia. She is one sassy broad, and her cancer doesn’t stand a chance. Please keep her in your prayers 🙂

Enclosed are a few pics from the hospital that I didn’t know/forgot I had. That whole experience is kind of a blur from all the meds! Also some recent Easter pics.









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