Real Life…Merp.

Well I started back to work this week, which has been absolutely exhausting to say the least. The majority of my symptoms have gone away now (except for the tinnitus, and occassional shakey hands), but I still get tired out pretty easily, and feel weak often. Also my memory is still pretty terrible…at least I think it is…..humm…..

get it?! blah!

Every day gets a little better than the last, and I’m just really trying to stay healthy both mentally and physically, and not worry about my PET scan in a few months. So far so good with my bloodwork though!..Weds. I had my lab/infusion appointment. It was the first time I had gone a full week without any testing/infusion since my transplant nearly a month ago.  I was for sure nervous for the results, but they were awesome! NORMAL white/red blood cell count, and normal platelets. Couldn’t ask for anything better! Like I said before, hopefully that means this worked!

It’s been warmer outside, but rainy, but one of these days, I’m going to try to run again. I’m nervous and excited at the same time. It’s little things-like simply being able to run at all-that sometimes we forget to appreciate. In the mean time though, I’ve been working out every day (or nearly every day…sometimes I just don’t feel like it) on the elliptical. Some days are easier than others, but I really try to force myself because the docs say its the best thing for me.

Mack starts “soccer” on Monday. He has “practices” on Mondays and “games” on Saturdays. Those are all in quotes, because in reality, 3-4 year olds don’t give a shit about soccer. But they do like to run around and scream, and get treats. So for those reasons its at least POSSIBLE that Mack will enjoy it. However, we went to get his mini soccer cleats, ball and shin guards the other day, and he started SCREAMING about how he didn’t want to play soccer. Terrific. There’s $60 down the drain….

On days when I’m feeling good, there are times when I forget that I have cancer. Then I remember when people start staring at me, wondering whether I have cancer or alopecia. Without eyebrows/lashes its certainly a toss up! But I always have to remember the positives of my cancer…


1. Still no leg hair

2. Get to cut in line at Heinens Grocery store pretty much all the time

3. Get out of speeding tickets

4. Don’t have to ask my hubby to do anything around the house 🙂

5. Can take regular showers now, and “baths” in my bath tub that is actually too small for baths, but I force it anyway

Stop being jealous. 🙂

And so, back to real life. Working full time, being a wife and a mom, and trying to regain my social life, which I would currently describe as lack-luster. Oh and trying not to worry about what my future holds, until it’s time to worry about it. Luckily I have some fun things coming up to look forward to  to keep my mind off of that, (a fun night out with my nurses/docs, and Memorial day weekend next month), and some great friends who come over with day drinks and movies to distract me 🙂

PS if you’re ever in a bad mood, go to youtube, and look up “bigblock singsong Princess”. Bad mood gone. Just like that.

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