Happy birthday.

I am slowly getting better every day, as I recover from the transplant. But I will blog about me another time. Today’s post is dedicated to Kris.

You never knew how much I cared for you, while you were here on earth, because I never told you. I tried to be the tough one; make you laugh; even make you feel borderline uncomfortable at times (because that’s just what I do best)!! But I know you know now. I think about you every day, and wonder a million things about where you are now, what you’re doing or what you’re able to to do. All of my treatment happened so fast, I feel like I didn’t really get a chance to mourn your loss, but I think that’s ok. I feel you with me often, especially when I’m feeling weak. I promise not to ask much of you-you have your own family to look after!-except for one thing. Please don’t stop holding my hand through this, because I know you are. Happy birthday my dear friend. I’m sending you a mentally sarcastic card, in true mary fashion.

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