yesterday I was discharged earlier than expected, so I could continue my recovery at home. My counts have been great (which means so far this shit is working!!!), and my main reason for nausea/vomiting was anticipatory, from the sights/smells/triggers from the hospital. –I know that sounds so crazy, but that is a real thing. I would be fine one second, then the nurse would bring in a bag of fluids or something, and I would start dry heaving in the trash. Awful.

I will have to have an at home nurse come almost daily to give me an IV of magnesium as I’m very very low (might always be), but it’s a small price to pay, really. Being home I feel a million times better already, even though I’m still really weak. I would much rather be sick in the comfort of my own home rather than the hospital. 3 weeks was enough.

I wanted to thank everyone who came to visit, called, texted, etc. and I’m so sorry especially to my cousin Marcie and her kids who came all the way down to see me on a day where I happened to be very sick. I appreciated the visit so much…sorry I couldn’t even pick my head up! Love you! And to the rempels who came all the way in to see me, and I nearly puked twice while we were talking…sorry! It really means a lot to my family and I-all of the prayers and support. Unfortunately this is going to continue to be a long battle of “watchful waiting” to find out if this worked or not, but after seeing the actual numbers-getting discharged early-doing absolutely everything the docs told me to do to prepare for this-I am hopeful. Just the thought of a normal life for the first time in two years, gives me goose bumps.

If I could share any advice I guess, to anyone going through a transplant, it is to do exactly as the doctors suggest. Eat healthy before you go in, exercise daily, even when you don’t want to, stay as hydrated as possible, and above all else, try to maintain a positive attitude, and visualize your new cells growing. Get tough. This is no time to be a pussy.

So I will not be blogging for the next few days. I will be trying to rest, and will be enjoying every single second with my amazing husband (whom I swear is an angel sent to earth just for me. He is so amazing), and my grubby handed snot nosed little Mack-my miracle baby boy.

Peace, love, and continued cell growth-

4 thoughts on “HOME.

  1. I am so happy for you and will continue to pray that those good cells just keep multiplying and you continue to get stronger and healthier every day!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mary,
    You can do this and YOU ARE!!! Sunday had to be the BEST DAY EVER! Glad to hear you are out of there. Enjoy every minute of finally being home. Love you!

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