2 weeks

Tomorrow is my birthday, however I have zero desire to celebrate anything. Every morning, I wake up, and feel like I’m going to puke. Any idea what that’s like?? Miserable. I’ve been trying not to complain about it too much, since for sure there are people worse off than me. But it’s hard not to cry, and wonder why the fuck this is still happening to me. Maybe I was a bully punk kid in a past life, and now this is my karma. I don’t know.

I will try to walk again today, but I know I might have to yak when I’m done. I need to do it though. Yesterday I had to have a Blood transfusion because my red counts were pretty low. I felt a little better afterwards, energy – wise, but shockingly was nauseous.

Fuck. This. Shit.

Enclosed are some pics of treatment, and of bob my awesome trainer at health 360, stretching me out. Additionally, there is a pic of Mack and Derek out to breakfast for st patty’s day. Sorry I missed it!






7 thoughts on “2 weeks

  1. Mary – We have not met yet. I have been a fan of yours since coming across your blog a few months ago. I have been wanting to write but never could find the perfect words to express how inspirational and amazing you are. Well, I still don’t have those words but it is time to say hello. I am sorry you’re going through this shitty time. Reading your posts as they reach my email box, I can tell you, I cheer watching you handling it all with tenacity and grit. You rock, girl. This time next year you will be celebrating your birthday all out; it’s okay to lay low tomorrow. For now, just keep doing what you’re doing. You have fans all over and we are rooting for you. I don’t know you, but I know you… you are kicking this thing in the butt. I feel it. I hope the nausea subsides soon.

  2. Happy Birthday Mary! We are praying for you and hope that your recovery is fast and quick. It is hard but keep your spirits up. I know you miss your boys but you will be with them for a long time to come soon.

  3. You’re here, Mary. Can’t fight if you aren’t here. Happy birthday sweet girl. I read your posts to my husband and he forgets about his own pain to focus on you. God I hate cancer. Hope something wonderful happens today.

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