10 days/post transplant

Well it’s day 3 post transplant, and I’m finally able to sit up in bed without puking. I haven’t eaten or drank anything since the 13th, with the exception of my bagged fluids/nutrients. Some other perks: mouth sores from the chemo, severe heart burn (still), a constant fever, and tons of bone and joint pain from the cell growth hormone injections I have to have. Silver lining: peach fuzz on my head still growing pretty fast, and my nurses on 3 have been so amazing taking care of me.

At this point, I have to focus on 3 things: keeping down food/drinks, ambulating on my own, and whether I can start producing healthy cells on my own. Once I meet all three of those, I’ll be out of here. Clearly however, i will still be here on my birthday–well played universe! Normally I could are less about my bday, but I was sick last year on my bday, and again this year, so it would have been nice to just have a normal, relaxing dinner or something. Oh well. Hopefully many more of those in the future.

I’ve been trying to FaceTime with Mack, but it’s hard for him to hear me because I’m too weak to talk. Luckily though he seems to be having plenty of fun breaking all the rules with daddy :/

One of my transplant doctors is really hopeful that this worked, and that I’ll start to feel much better soon. Fingers crossed! I’m basically putting all of my eggs in that basket.

Peace and no heart burn, meb

4 thoughts on “10 days/post transplant

  1. We are also dealing with mouth sores. The fun never ends! This time next year it will all be just one foggy memory and a helluva story. Cheering you on from MA

  2. I’ve been following your blog but haven’t commented before. I feel compelled this time because I since your transplant I’ve checked on you twice everyday. It was like waiting by the phone for a close friend to call and tell me how her surgery went. So, I wanted you to know that there are many of us following your story, silently rooting for you and sending you and your family love.

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