Day #6/transplant day

Finally was able to get up to eat a little soup. Didn’t get too much in there, but at least it was something. Derek stayed last night which made me feel better having him here.

I’m feeling really sick now; a lot worse than I expected. Tmi: shitting my brains out, dry heaving every 2 seconds, and can’t seem to pick my head up out of bed for very long.

Bubble ups: today I woke up with a little peach fuzz on my head, and tomorrow is my transplant, scheduled for 10:30. I’m dreading it but anxious at the same time.

Additional bubble up: I met a new transplant buddy today. She’s supes fun. We decided to get together again in 2 days when feeling better. Nice to have someone my age to chat with again since kris has been gone.

So here we go. Please keep me in your prayers. I’d like to be all gung-ho and say “I’ve got this” but I’m just feeling so lousy and can’t seem to get there. So positive vibes are totes welcome if you please ๐Ÿ™‚

Probably won’t have an update for a few days. We will see how tomorrow goes.

Peace, happy transplanting, and garlicky/asparagus dreams-MEB

Ps special shout out to my amazing friends for visiting last night. You guys mean more than you’ll ever know.

8 thoughts on “Day #6/transplant day

  1. Surprised you’re able to type feeling so rotten, but so glad for the updates! Very best thoughts coming your way for tomorrow !!!

  2. You’ve got your sense of humor, you have so got this! From my friends who have also been transplanted, I hear it is going to get super better after your rebirth. Happy (almost) Phoenix Day!! Hope you can get some more broth down tomorrow. Rest up. Your body needs it. Sending strength!

  3. Like everything else, Mary, you will conquer it and move forward! I pray for you every morning as I pass Seidman on my way to work. Dennis, Baby Grease, and I pray that you can get through these horrible side effects and stay as positive as you have been since Day #1. You are amazing and I hope you know that. Love you. I will see you soon when you are able to have visitors.

  4. Kris will be watching over you tomorrow. We all know you are a fighter and will come out a winner!
    Prayers for you and your family! ๐Ÿ’—

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