Day #5

Yesterday was the last day of my chemo blast. To say it sucked would be an understatement. Dry heaving and nausea are the worst, coupled by the fog in my head that doesnt seem to go away. I have the next two days off to “rest” which basically means detox, before my transplant of Thursday. Everyone keeps prepping me that the worst is yet to come…the transplant Thursday followed by the 5 or so days afterwards. Judging by how I feel now I’m not quite sure how to handle this, but I will try my best.

My diet has basically consisted of ginger tea and soup, except for last night when my amazing fake fam came over to watch the bachelor finale (which subsequently I would have rather had more chemo than to watch that season again)-they brought barrio chips and dip. Of course I had some which turned out to be a mistake. But lesson learned. I love you girls.

I haven’t seen derek or Mack for a few days, as Mack is still a little sick, and having a hard time with derek leaving. Derek is staying the night tonight though, and I’m really excited. Just having him here-even if I can’t get out of bed or talk- will help a ton.

They allowed me to unhook from the fluids for about an hour which is great. I’m so swollen and bloated, and it just makes me feel more nauseous. Going to try to make the most of it.

Thank you all again so much for the support. The big moment is approaching in just two days. And after all this? Well it better fucking work!


7 thoughts on “Day #5

  1. Cancer is an a**hole! You’re doing great and I am so appreciative of the fact that you are sharing your journey with us. Remember our deal to go right back to hating on people’s hair and outfits once you are well enough to laugh without puking…well you can puke if you want, then we can guess if its their outfits or the cancer treatment making you sick. #boom #meangirls #fuckcancer

  2. You are so strong.
    My little brother was twelve when he was diagnosed with leukaemia. I’ve witnessed how difficult it can be for someone to go through the gruelling treatment and chemotherapy. That being whilst being treated and the after effects.
    People find strength in many different places. The fact you have many who love and support you is fantastic. My thoughts are with you. You’ll get through it. Just hang in there !

  3. Oh, you’re trying to go through chemo and watch The Bachelor, too? Double whammy! I am so glad you’ve finished this round. Will be keeping you in my thoughts for good rest until transplant. ♥

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