Day #3

Well….Day 3 sucked, but wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be. Pretty much the same symptoms as yesterday, except that I’m also pretty swollen from all of the fluids I’m hooked up to all the time, which makes me feel even more disgusting. Other than that, I just have such low energy, and I don’t feel like doing or eating anything. Mostly I just feel really really full all the time, like you ate at one of those Brazilian steakhouse places, and want to purge. Forcing myself to stay in my routine though. I can’t believe I’m starting day #4 though. Feels like day #55….

Mack and Derek came to visit me yesterday morning which was awesome. Mack painted on my windows, and gave me lots of kisses 🙂 I got to see him hooked up to the breathing machine for the first time, and he did really well! ..Of course I had to give him a sucker afterwards, but no big shock there! I was sad to see them go, but at least Mack didn’t make a big deal about it since he had a sucker 🙂

The chemo drug they give me at night starts at 6 pm, and it sucks ass because as previously mentioned, I have to have a shit ton of fluids along with it, and a diuretic to make me pee even more. I have not had any sleep, and have some pretty sizable sexy looking bags under my eyes. I can’t sleep during the day because the chemo I have during the day keeps me awake. merp. cancer is so stupid!!

I did not walk yesterday, so I’m going to force myself to walk today. I gained 4 lbs in one day by not eating anything, so I really need to walk off some of this water!

Tomorrow night is Bachelor Monday with my girls, so we are still planning on keeping that up, I think. That will be a nice change of pace, even though it will be held in the hospital, and without any booze (lame). Much to my dismay, I did not see anything interesting from the hotel across the street. But I did rent 12 Years a Slave on my ipad, and that movie was amazeballs. Makes me realize that I really don’t have much to complain about.

HA!!! As I was typing this last semi-sentimental line, I just watched a young case student crossing the street completely wipe out on the sidewalk. I would feel bad if he were hurt, but from up here that sure was hilarious. Oh how sad my life has become!!! Enclosed are some pics from my visit with my boys, and Mack and I “singing our prayers”.

Until next time!





3 thoughts on “Day #3

  1. Dear, Mary,

    My name is Erin (McCluskey) Oley and I am Connor McCluskey’s sister. I met you once not twice up at Lake Erie years ago when you were all in high school or just in college. I have been reading and following and crying and laughing and praying for you through your blog for a couple months now. My sister Molly sent it to me and said I would enjoy your writing and to pray for you. You continue to be in my prayers. I think you are one strong and powerful woman! Keep up your fight and thank you for sharing your story. You bring so much To this world! I will continue to send positive energy and thoughts and prayers to you from Montana. Best wishes to you. All the best – Erin

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  2. Mary,
    My name is Debbie and I live across the street from your fake Aunt & Uncle(Karen & Mike). My husband worked with Mike. You are quite an inspiration and you and your family are in our daily prayers.Your little boy is a cutie, I have a 8 yr old grandson. Keep up the fight and we wish you all the best for a full recovery. Love reading your blogs.

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