Day #2

After feeling well enough to go for an early morning run yesterday, I was given 6 hours of chemo–Etoposide and Carmustine. Pretty much immediately I felt nauseous, no appetite, hot flashes, dizziness, and I also got the added bonus of a bright red rash caused by the carmustine. I had a few hours off of chemo before receiving 3 more hours of cisplatin. One side effect of the Cisplatin is kidney damage, so to prevent that, I have to have fluids at the same time, along with various diuretics to make me pee–(as if the fluids weren’t enough!) so I was peeing about every 10 minutes throughout the night. So much for sleep!! Oh I forgot all of these drugs also cause major sweating which sucks because I really don’t want to ruin the blanket I brought because it smells like home.

I was a little too weak to text or write for parts of yesterday, so I apologize if I was non responsive. I imagine I would have been even worse off, had I not worked out and got my blood flowing. Also I’m extremely lucky because Bob Kaleal from Health 360, my trainer whom I’ve mentioned before, came all the way to Seidman to stretch me out to help with my blood flow as well. He came just as I was starting my chemo, and I really think I would have felt worse if he had not done that. So shout out Bobo! Glad I didn’t puke on you! šŸ™‚

I wasn’t able to eat much yesterday either: coffee, grapes and chicken soup. I ordered some breakfast this morning, but I’m not really hungry. I figured I’d just try to eat what I could. I’m trying to get into a routine here–waking up at a certain time, updating my blog, taking a walk, shower, eating breakfast, maybe an hour of reading if my head isn’t too cloudy from the drugs, then after that, I’m pretty much at the mercy of my bed for the majority of the day, so movies and TV it is. Or pinning things on Pinterest that I will likely never get to, but makes me feel productive nonetheless. I just feel like if I have a plan, I will be less bored. There are so many activities here, after all. (Although I DID discover that they have a WII in the workout room, which could potentially be fun!)

I have had fab nurses and care thus far, and am super happy to be on the 3rd floor of Seidman once again. Love everyone here. At least it makes me a little less homesick when there are lots of people I know. My counts are high, and Mack is better, so the doctor said he could come visit any time. I’m hoping that they come today, even though I know Mack could care less about actually seeing me–he just wants to draw all over my windows with the window markers. But thats ok. I’ll take it šŸ™‚

Hopefully Day #3 will be easier, but I’m guessing the complete opposite. These drugs totally suck, and there isn’t much recovery time. So here we go…

Thank you for all the well wishes. If you need me, I’ll be busy kicking ass, as per usual.

Hotel tally: 2. Well 3, if I’m counting half naked bodies and not just rooms.

5 thoughts on “Day #2

  1. You went for a run yesterday before chemo? Holy shit – you are my hero. I would have been, “What? I’m having chemo? Someone get me a cake!” Still laughing about the naked hotel people.

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