Day #1

My first day of transplant started out with quite a scare. At 3 am, Mack, who had a little cold for about the past 4 days (low grade fever and runny nose), suddenly had an asthma attack, and was having a lot of trouble breathing. Neither Derek or I really knew what to, as Mack has never had any problems like that before. So after about a half hour of panic, rocking him back and forth, and rubbing his back, he finally calmed down and fell asleep, just as we were going to head to the ER. So first thing in the morning, Mack saw his doctor. Turns out that he just has a cold, but doesn’t know how to cough correctly and is really wheezy (aka he has asthma). So he is on a breathing machine 3 times a day. The good news is that the doctor said this is pretty common, and he should grow out of it. I just feel awful not being there, and that poor Derek has to now manage a house full of sickies! The only good thing was that we did not have a tearful goodbye, because he was so distracted.

I was admitted to hotel seidman about 10am. Two positive things about my room: 1) when I arrived there were about 30 towels all over my room that were rolled up like swans 🙂 so fancy!!!! So thanks my dar star! You’re the best!! And 2) my room is next to the new hotel, so once again, I get the awesome privilege of watching these schmucks in the hotel take their clothes off with their curtains open, simply because during the day the seidman windows are mirrored, so they think we can’t see them. False. FALSE PEOPLE. So I think in addition to my daily updates I will add a tally of people I see naked (or eating their breakfast on their bed while looking out their window in their underwear-because I think that also counts) across the street. For no other reason as it fights the boredom!

I didn’t start my chemo until about 7pm last night, mainly because a number of doctors came in to talk to me about the best plan of action for my anti nausea meds. This first round of chemo one wasn’t too bad, as it was only 3 hours, and I’ve had this drug before. It makes me super sweaty for those 3 hours, to the point where I have to change all my clothes and bed sheets. Also I’m feeling tired, TMI, can’t poop, and am a little dizzy. I just got unhooked for a bit before my next chemo, so that I can walk on the treadmill for like 20 minutes, and take a shower. (*PLEASE PLEASE SEIDMAN HAVE HOT WATER IN THE SHOWER THIS TIME!!)

And so ends day one. Day two today is really going to suck. I have 8 hours of chemo that apparently makes you really nauseous, so I’m not really looking forward to that. One of the PAs actually suggested to not eat any meals from here on out, but just try really small snacks throughout the day will standing up (to help let gravity keep it all down), and see if that works. So I’m guessing that I won’t even want to eat anything, but am going to have to force myself. Awesome! Mack painted me some pretty pictures (see below) for my room.

Hotel tally: 1





3 thoughts on “Day #1

  1. Just have to say that I am laughing out loud at my desk at work, reading about the naked hotel people. Priceless. And also want to let you know we are still praying for you over here in Wisco – land of the frozen tundra. Although we might hit 30 today- woohoo! I know you have no idea who I am and I don’t know why your story has touched me but it has. I hope you have a calm, peaceful treatment today – no barfing or nausea! And I know it’s killing you to be away from your little guy, but it will all be ok. At your age, we were in opposite positions in our house. Our daughter had the cancer and we had to sit by and watch. It pretty much sucked but we mustered thru as best we could. She had ALL (leukemia) and is a survivor (25 now!). She has after effects from the chemo but she is here and we are getting thru that too. It’s all good. Even when it’s not. 🙂

    • Thank you so much!!! That is so encouraging to hear!!! I give my parents a lot of credit too. They have had to watch both of their kids go through this, and now being a parent. myself, I finally understand what kind of pain that would be 😦 but thanks again for the kind words!!!

  2. I’m surprised that standing up “to help gravity keep it down” works – if I’m nauseous, being vertical is the #1 way to make me hurl. I’m hoping for mild chemo side-effects and lots of naked hotel people for you!!

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