Peace out, spleen!

Turns out spleen surgery is a big deal, and is a lot harder to recover from than I had pictured in my mind. Ouch. It really friggin hurts. It’s day 3 post removal, and I’m finally able to sit up. They were able to remove my spleen using what is called a hand-assisted laparoscopic procedure, but also had to remove a small portion of my stomach in the process. As of right now, the plan is for me to recover (still have to eat and keep down solid foods and poop before I go), but then I can go home over christmas. I will be readmitted on the 26th for chemo. So not too bad. Although feeling better seems like a long way away!

The preliminary pathology report came back showing the same type of cancer as before, NLPHL. They are still doing some additional testing but we are planning on beginning r-ICE treatment on the 26th. After about 12 rounds of that, I will have a stem cell transplant. Going to be a long road, but I really couldn’t ask for a better support system and team of doctors and nurses.

That’s all for now; And for your viewing pleasure, here are some graphic pictures of my spleen. The first picture is the size a spleen should be. The other two were mine. The surgeon described it’s removal as “pretty cool”, “kind of like catching a really big fish”! Whatever!



7 thoughts on “Peace out, spleen!

  1. HOLY SPLEEN!!!! =) Jeeze Mary…when you do it, you do it!!! =) Glad to hear you’re coming home for Christmas!!! Sending lots of love and happy thoughts to you all!!!!

  2. Why have I always thought the spleen was this teeny tiny, little organ inside of us??? I can’t tell how much bigger yours is than normal, but it looks impressive none-the-less. Hope you feel better soon!

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