Think you’ve been having a bad day? Maybe your coffee spilled on your shirt or you were late for work; maybe you forgot your phone charger at home (me today..), or you got into an argument with your spouse/significant other. Whatever it may be, don’t forget to stop…take a breather…and remember that things aren’t so bad. Regardless if you believe it right now or not, you are blessed. Things could ALWAYS be worse, and if you’re able to take a little time to read this post right now, then you’re doing alright. Life is funny like that. Every now and again, something happens or someone comes along that checks you, and you can’t help but sit back and appreciate just how lucky you are.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a blog reader. Someone who I think is truly a stand-up father, husband, and caregiver. He asked if I wouldn’t mind sharing a video he and his wife had made, and I feel honored and humbled to be able to do so. This woman is a total bad ass. Looking for a little inspiration to pick you up today because you accidentally walked into work with your shirt on inside out?? Check this chick out. WOW. This story will continue to inspire me for years to come, and like I’ve said before, statistics are not always right. Here is an encouraging story to prove it:

Wait…I’m not done. I often write about my friend Kris, and solicit prayers for her. Recently, a news story came out about a potential vaccine for women with triple negative breast cancer, and her and her family were featured in the story. Need even more inspiration? Check out this video. For someone who has been through SO SO much over the past few years, and still maintain such a positive attitude?!!! I am so LUCKY to know her. Click the link below “Kris Video” to view the news segment.

Kris video

By the way, I’m scrappy.  I have started working again with my old trainer, whom I’ve known for a number of years now. He is seriously amazing. His primary focus isn’t on losing weight or bodybuilding….it’s about my health. Eating clean. Eating to fight cancer. Increasing my stamina so if chemo is in my future in a few more weeks, it will be much more tolerable. He is just a great man–wicked smart–and motivating to the nines. My mom has recently started with him as well, and after just a week of clean vegan eating and exercise, I’m feeling awesome! So shout out Bobo. You are the best. Really. I’m so glad my relationship in Florida ended, I moved back home, and landed in your gym 6 years ago. 🙂 Below is an interview with Bob at Health 360.

So other than back to training, I’ve been officially furloughed as an essential employee. Basically that means I have to work every day, but without a paycheck. Eventually I will receive back pay, but I’m not sure when that will be. It’s definitely a hard hit for us, especially since we FINALLY are taking a mini vacation to Tennessee at the end of this month, before my scan. Go figure. lol. In other news, my sister finished her last round of treatment, and is starting to feel better. The main side effect she experienced this time was insomnia, and after speaking with her yesterday, it’s slowly getting better. She will be scanned again around the same time as me, and hopefully they’ve nipped it in the bud 🙂

My hair is growing back a ton, but it’s getting more and more curly the longer it gets. I’ve already had to have it trimmed once because for some reason the hair ONLY on the right side of my head decided to grow. awesome. So if anyone has any tips on how to properly grow out a pixie cut without looking like you have a baby mullet, please let me know. I will take any and all advice on the subject. Additionally, many people told me, but for some reason I decided not to listen. But a word to the wise: Yes, it’s true. The tone to your hair after ABVD chemo is oftentimes red. And YES, it’s true…if you try to box dye it yourself, no matter what color you choose…it’s going to come out red. I look like Ron from Harry Potter right now. Ginger central. :/

Some exciting things are coming up: Our genetics results are in!!! We will find out this weds. (tomorrow), as to whether or not we carry a gene which can predispose blood cancer. This means the world to me–for mack. This means we can be proactive in catching it early, and means something great for others out there with a family history of blood cancer. So stay tuned! In addition, this weekend is a mother/daughter wine trip with all the “fake family” gals. Although I’ll miss my guys at home, I will certainly not mind sitting in a hot tub next to Seneca Lake, drinking a little vino. 😉

I realized that exactly one year ago on 10/13/12, Derek and I went on a date. We went out to eat at this Mexican place in Chagrin Falls, then went to see the movie “Sinister” with our friends at the Chagrin Falls theater. We got caramel corn. They have the BEST caramel corn at that theater. Seriously. It’s not vegan and super unhealthy though, just FYI. I remember this day so well, not just because it was the last time we’ve been on an actual date–(pathetic)–but also because that night when we came home, was when I first got sick. I remember telling Derek that I wasn’t feeling well. That I felt “off”. I woke up the next morning, rendered unable to move. A horrible migraine…a super high fever. 5 doctors and 2 weeks later, I came out with varying diagnoses of “unknown infection” or “respiratory illness” of some sort. in reality, I was dying. My spleen was no longer working because it was completely filled with cancer, and my liver had taken over (barely). It always amazes me when I think back about it. How one minute I was feeling fine, and the next I couldn’t walk to the bathroom on my own. And look at how far I’ve come. I feel great. I still get tired every now and again, which still scares me, but in my mind, I’ve already beat this, even if the results that come back are not in my favor. After everything that has happened; the stories and videos above; where I am today…….after all of it……here is the moral of the story:

Some of the prettiest roses grow out of the worst smelling shit. And don’t you forget it.

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