Oh the joys!

I will start with some really great news regarding my sister! Her team of oncologists met and decided that they would administer a drug called rituximab, rather than chemo! She will have some side effects from the pre medications she’ll have to take, but won’t lose her hair, or feel like shit every day which is great!! After 6 weeks, they will rescan and see where they are at 🙂

Other great news….yes I’m totally going to be “that mom”….my kid totally pees (and sometimes) poops on the potty now!! This makes me happy and sad at the same time!

Real life is setting in once again. I’ve been back to my office once weekly for a few weeks, and it’s great to feel normal again, even though its very busy. I don’t wear a scarf anymore, and have had a few snide comments on my choice of hairstyle (not from people in my office, but others who work in the building.) Quite honestly, I love it! At least they think I HAVE a hairstyle, and Obvie don’t think I have cancer either!! Win win in my book, baby!

I’ve still been working out as much and as often as I can, and have been feeling great, with the exception of some anxiety/sleep issues, and my port really starting to hurt. Every time I complete a run, workout, et al though, I can’t help but thank God that I’m even at this point. It truly is a miracle.

TMI alert!!!!….This morning I had the extreme pleasure of catching worms coming out of my dogs asses, and getting harassed on the phone from university hospital, asking me to cut them a check for $4,000. I have been paying $200 a month, which apparently is “unacceptable”. They demanded more, and said if I “wanted” to pay $200 a month, I had to provide them with a good reason, and they would write it up to seek approval.



Here are a few:
1) I have stage 4b cancer which required, and may require later on, some extensive treatment…
2) my husband couldn’t work all winter because he had to take care of me
3) I have a mortgage, car payments, student loans, utilities, groceries, etc etc to pay for on top of medical debt.

Oh ya, also? Fuck you.

And so I’ve decided to visit my cousin in Chicago this weekend to de-stress a little. Can’t wait.

Ps anyone want a puppy?? He doesn’t get along with our other 2 dogs after a month now. Awesome.

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