Well it has certainly been a while since my last blog post! After my last treatment, it took about a week to finally feel better. I was very weak, and had some pretty awful joint and muscle pain. BUT, hopefully, it was the last time I will ever feel like that!! I am currently feeling great, and likely against the better wishes of my oncologist, participated in the 2013 Chardon Relay for Life event this past weekend.

Our fake family had a team, FF4L (fake family for life). For those of you who aren’t familiar, it is an over-night event. At least one member of your team must be walking the track at all times, between the hours of 12pm on Sat. through 7am on Sunday. It was a LOT of walking, but we did it! At the start of the event, they have a survivor walk. It was pretty sad, but I didn’t allow myself to cry. Instead, I allowed myself to be grateful. Even still, I hated the fact that my entire family–my mom, dad, sister and I–were all wearing survivor shirts, and walking the track together. Hopefully the genetics team will soon find out the reason(s) why that it. While walking, we carried with us a “spirit stick”, which contained ribbons for all our loved ones who have passed away from cancer. It was a really nice way to keep them with us. We also all wore ribbons for my friend Kris. She is still going through treatment, and fighting really hard, so we just wanted her to know that we were thinking about her, and wishing her well!

Another part of this event was a drag queen beauty pageant, where one male member from each team had to dress in drag, and tries to collect as much money as possible for their teams (which goes to the ACS). And this folks is why I love my husband so much. For those of you who know Derek, he would NEVER do something like this normally. He is grumpy, closed off and cynical most of the time. However when it comes to his family–to me–well quite honestly, I don’t have a bigger cheerleader than him. I know he is proud of me, and that he loves and supports me, and I really couldn’t dream up a better partner in life. He volunteered to dress for our team, and looked amazing!!! Well, amazing in that he looked a lot like Beth from Dog the Bounty Hunter, but still amazing nonetheless. He didn’t win, but he was clearly best dressed. 🙂

Last night, again likely against the better wishes of my oncologist, Derek and I along with my fake cousins, attended the Book of Mormon at Playhouse Square. It was AWESOME. So so inappropriately funny. It’s like that card game “Cards Against Humanity”, except in musical form. Right up my ally. I highly recommend it for anyone who is sarcastic to the bone, and who likes South Park, as the same writers of the show wrote the play script.  More than the play however, I simply enjoyed being OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE!!!!!! I don’t have my blood draw to test my counts until Weds., but I took my chances. We had a GREAT time.

Needless to say, I’m very much enjoying each day as it comes along, and am willing myself to not worry about my PET scan in August. I wouldn’t want to ruin my summer, after all! I feel so lucky to have such an amazing support system, and for those of you who feel lost and alone through your cancer battle, take a look at these pictures. You are NOT alone. There are literally thousands of people who you can lean on, and who are fighting to save your life even if you want to give up.

To all of our friends and family who are battling cancer, we walked for you. Keep kicking ass.

For you, Kris!

For you, Kris!

My grandma

My grandma

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FF4L http://animoto.com/play/PJLvjS81JYS2Q080tFfypQ

2 thoughts on “FF4L

  1. Your strength , humor and honesty impress me everyday! You truly kicked that cancer bitch to the curb! Love you and thank you for walking for me xoxo truly honored!

  2. Sounds like that relay event was pretty special. I’m now trying to picture Derek dressed in drag…haha 😉 LOVE your header photo at the top of the blog. So gorgeous.

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