I Want to Drink your blood!!!

Well I had my blood transfusion last night. Which by the way, for you non medical professionals, is simply a fancy way of saying that I had an IV drip with 2 bags of blood. That’s really all it is. I have to take some pre medications before we start; benadryl, tylenol, and some antibiotics, just because with using any blood that’s not your own, there is always a risk of infection, but it was fine. I feel fine/better even–a little more energy, and my eyes don’t seem quite so sunken in like they did before.

I’ve had absolutely wonderful nurses again all day yesterday and last night, who were all very attentive and fun to joke around with. My cousins came over last night–our usual Monday night dinner/reality TV watching–and they brought some Presti’s pizza. One of my very fave things. Oh and salad. They brought salad too, but obvie I was more focused on the pizza. 😉 One of the CAs came in while we were eating, and asked what Presti’s was. Poor girl. She must live under a rock.

Mack is coming to visit today, and I’m so excited. My nurse said she could unhook me from my fluids when he gets here, so that he isn’t scared. I ordered an extra blueberry muffin and some strawberries this morning for him 🙂

That’s all for now! Docs said so long as I don’t get a fever before tomorrow, I will have chemo here on Weds. Then as long as blood cultures come back negative tomorrow, I SHOULD be able to go home on Thursday, so I will keep my fingers crossed for that!!! Kthanksbyeeeee

PS: As usual please keep my friends Kris and Marty in your prayers 🙂

PSS: Thank you to all of you who donate blood! Sure does come in handy when you need blood, and they can just get it from a blood bank directly! It truly does save lives 🙂 I mean it may look super gross, and you may be able to taste it while it’s going in your port, and you may even feel it dripping into the back of your throat like what happens when you have a nose bleed…..BUT….it still saves lives. so holla!

PSSSSSS: As I type, Drama Pants is watching Sesame Street next door, whilst on the phone quoting Charles Ramsey’s “Deaaaaaad giveaway!”

Oh shit–and lastly–sorry to my employer! I promise to work hard next week. This week is clearly shot. 🙂

Thank you, stranger! Your blood tasted great!

Thank you, stranger! Your blood tasted great!

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