New website, Crappy Mother’s Day and Drama Pants.

Well I have officially had enough of For any of you looking to start a blog, it’s probably one of the worst sites. The server is always down, and the tech support sucks ass. So here I am, starting over. Eventually (once the website is again restored), I will copy all of my previous posts, and add them to this blog. Thank you to all my loyal followers!!! It really means a lot!!!

So anyway, as the title mentions, my Mother’s Day pretty much sucked, as I am back in the hospital. again. I had not been feeling well for a few days, but Saturday night, I started having fevers. Neutrapenic fevers can be pretty dangerous if not treated, and so, checked into the ER yesterday at 8:30am, admitted to Seidman at 4:30pm, and  here I am. My white counts are actually higher than they have been (I officially have 24 white blood cells!!…I think you’re supposed to have like 12,000 or something, so shit I’ll take it!)–but my red cells are also low, and I will require a transfusion later today. I’m not sure if there is any correlation, but the last time I had neutrapenic fevers, both my red and white cells were low. Who knows. I feel just fine today, after an all-night binger of fluids. I actually think I am going to go walk on the treadmill that they have here, just to move around a bit.

I am on the 6th floor of Seidman this time, and my nurses and the staff are amazing. One of my nurses is Anna, who treated me back in December when I was here.  She remembered me, Derek and Mack, which was refreshing. She is super cute. The room is much nicer than past ones that I’ve had–bigger–brighter–better view. (see pics below). At least if  I’m going to be stuck here for a week, its not so horrible. Could totally be worse. Now here is the super sucky part (as I feel like with everything in my life, there is a little good mixed with some bad). I have an uber annoying patient sharing a wall with me, who I will call Drama Pants. Drama Pants likes to complain a lot….loudly…..and likes to LOUDLY let people know EXACTLY how he is feeling. For example at exactly 2:34am this morning, I hear “OH LORDY!!!! LOR—DEEEEE!!!!!!! WHEN CAN I GET OUT OF HERE?! LORDY!!!!! THIS BED IS HURTING MY BACK!!! UUUUUHHHHHHGGGGGHHHHHHHHHBHLEEEEEEEAHHHHHHHHH (That was my spelling of his intense moaning).” After that, he proceeded to cough a ton, and then puke. And I don’t just mean puke. I mean PUUUUUUKKKKEEEE. 😦 Yuck. Nothing turns my stomach more than having to listen to someone else barf. loudly.

Hopefully I will get out of here soon. I have been receiving antibiotics for 24 hours now, and have not had a fever since last night. (I have to be fever free for 24 hours before being discharged). Also, they took some blood cultures (to be sure I dont have a raging infection soomewhere, and that I’m simply suffering from neutrapenic fevers), which take 2-3 days to come up with the results. Which means, since I was scheduled to received chemo on weds, I will be inpatient for it. Which also means that they will keep me one extra day to make sure that I tolerate the chemo after my fevers. OR…if my fevers come back, I will not be allowed to receive chemo weds., and they will have to push it back. Fingers crossed that I will be out of here by Thursday. I can’t stand being without Mack. At least maybe it would be ok to be away from Mack for a week if I were on a fun vacation, not hooked up to my “special friend” aka my IV pole.

In other news, I recently visited the Gathering Place–picked up some info, and talked to a few of the staff members there. The place seems really great, and I think I might benefit from some of their support groups. Apparently they are looking for some younger volunteers, so if anyone is interested, here is the website: The best part about it is that all of their services are free. They have massage, reiki, learning seminars, cooking classes, support groups and one on one counseling. Also I have seen a maassage therapist a few times now, who has been amazing at helping me relax, managing my pain, and “balancing my chakra”…Her name is Samantha Clement, and she is at Ladies and Gentlemen in Legacy Village. You will not be disappointed.

I had some visitors today–My good friend Lisa and her husband. I didn’t get to see them the last time they came up from Charlotte because she was sick, so it was awesome to see them. I’m glad she got to see me not at my lowest point, so it wasn’t scary.

My nurses and doctors have told me that it’s OK to have Mack come to visit, so I’m hoping that my dad will bring him tomorrow. They said they could unhook me for a few hours while he’s visiting, as last time I was here, the tubes connected to me really scared him. I’m def excited to see him!

OK to here we go….good vs. bad stuff.


1) I’m feeling way better after some fluids, and have a lot more energy. I think in large part why I was feeling so bad all week was because I was dehydrated. So mental note…drink more water.

2) Went to my cousin’s wedding this weekend, and it was really good to see my family, even though I didn’t make it too long without feeling like I was going to pass out! (SHOUT OUT CHUCK AND CIN!)

3) I haven’t driven much since my diagnosis, as most of the time I’m at home, and because I’m often on a lot of meds that make me a little woosy…but…one thing I’ve come to realize is that there IS something that keeps my mind off of having cancer, and that my friends is ROAD RAGE. Yup. Still have it, and I really can’t help it if everyone else on this planet drives like an idiot. (even though I am admittedly a bad driver).

4) I’m super irritated that I have to rewrite my entire blog, but I guess it gives me something to do while I’m trapped up in this joint.


1) Blood transfusion: As was previously mentioned in one of my past blogs, I can literally taste the blood when its going in me. It’s awful. Since I know that, I think at least if they can cover the bag of blood so I don’t see it, and chew some gum the whole time, that might help. But holy gross-ness.  HOWEVER….thank you to whomever the blood donor was 🙂

2) Possibility that chemo might be pushed back because of this whole ordeal so here’s hoping that is not the case.

3) Drama Pants just got some food, so I’m anxiously awaiting the puke fest.

my new room 6017 Seidman. Not too shabby, but if you compare it to a hotel I'll bitch slap you.

my new room 6017 Seidman. Not too shabby, but if you compare it to a hotel I’ll bitch slap you.

View from my room

View from my room

Us at the wedding

Us at the wedding

4 thoughts on “New website, Crappy Mother’s Day and Drama Pants.

  1. Ear plugs for Drams P….. and Listerine may be good for your neighbor there and the transfusion. Just don’t forget to take the plugs out, or you might not here them telling you to go home. It is hot here in Texas and was snowing in Minnesota (Molly lives there). Of course we are a little backwards, we go north in the winter and South in the summer. Someday we will get it right. Do you have more hair than me yet (Sandy). Your room does not look like a hotel, but it is the BEST place for you to be NOW, but not too long. Love you all. MaMie and BP

  2. You are SO funny! I am sorry you’re stuck next to drama pants, but it makes for a good story. Hope you keep getting better, get to have your chemo and get released on Thursday! Lots of positive vibes your way! Happy Mother’s Day to one amazing Mama!

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