Any more MRIs, and I’ll stick to the fridge!

I finally had round #7 of chemo last Weds, and it TOTALLY SUCKED. I think that week off completely threw off all of my progress. The symptoms I experienced felt like the first few times I had chemo. I am FINALLY feeling better after 5 full days. Yuck! Hopefully next round will be better. Fingers crossed!

The worst of all the symptoms I think is the pain. It usually starts 3 days post chemo. It starts in my hip bones (where some of the cancerous tumors are located), and in my jaw. (I’m told that jaw pain is a side effect of one of the chemo drugs that I have). That jaw pain spreads to the rest of my sniuses/face, and leads to a full on migraine. There is no amount of pain meds that seem to alleviate it, so I just have to wait it out. On top of that, my hips/lower back hurt so badly that it makes it hard to walk, stand, sit, lay down……basically anything at all. Luckily though, after about 2 days, I feel fine again.

I will see my oncologist again on the 17th, my next round of chemo, and she will discuss my most recent brain MRI results, which were good. Swelling in my brain stem was considerably less this go-round, so hoping for nothing new on that front. I have been told however that I will still need another follow up MRI in 6 weeks. I feel like Desmond Hume on Lost with all this exposure to magnetics!!

Additional notes:

1) If I got without my hat in public, as it has been warmer, people will stare. There are either people that avoid you completely, or people who pity you. I know people really just dont know what to do or say, but it’s still annoying regardless. So, because of that, I’d like to make things as awkward for people who stare at me as possible. For instance, If the check-out girl at the grocery store says “have a great day”, and looks at me with “sad eyes”, I’d like to say things like “I’ll try. If I make it through the rest of the day” (insert “sad eyes”). The look of shock is the best. I’d also like to wait through a lengthy period of silence before laughing and saying “BWAHAHAH JUST KIDDING! SEE YA!”

2) I am planning (for now) on attending a few weddings over the next few months. Even though my counts are low, I’m hoping to either wear a mask and/or avoid close-talking to anyone, while washing my hands frequently! That being said…..I have reached a dilema. Should I attempt to wear a head scarf, or just go bald?? On one hand people will stare more, and I dont really like the attention. On the other hand, if I go bald, likely less people will want to talk to me, which will help with my plight against germs! Any thoughts? Also what kind of outfit does a bald gal with cancer wear to a wedding? Should I worry about covering my awesome metaport that juts out of my chest, or not even bother? Oh decisions decisions. I haven’t had to think about what to wear since December, as pretty much every day, I’ve worn sweats or PJs. Suggestions are appreciated!

*Please continue to pray for my friends Kris and Marty, and my neighbor John. They all rock

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