Una fiesta grande

Once again, our friends and family have been amazing. On Sat. March 16th, La Fiesta restaurant sponsored a fundraiser for my family and I. I wish I could have attended, but unfortunately once again, my white cells are still at zero! From what everyone has told me, the turnout, food and raffle prizes were amazing. We really can’t thank everyone enough!!!! (See pics above from the night)

I also wanted to take time to thank the wonderful person or people who anonymously sent us gift cards worth $1,000 in the mail. Needless to say Derek and I were SHOCKED. Your words of inspiration in your letter brought tears to our eyes. There is certainly a special place in heaven for people like you, and we are SO SO THANKFUL

I had chemo round #6 on Weds March 13th. From what my oncologist told me–and I asked her not to bullshit me in any way–she says that there is no reason to think that I can’t make a complete recovery from this cancer, and that this will all be a bad dream a year from now! I sure hope she’s right! The only potential hiccup is my follow-up brain MRI on the 25th. If the results show that the swelling in my brain stem has increased even the slightest bit, I will have a spinal tap procedure done. No one is expecting the results of the spinal tap to show any kind of viral infection since I have no symptoms of one at all. So…that leaves the possibility that the cancer has spread to my central nervous system. Again, the upside (for now) is that I don’t have any neurological symptoms, so we’ll see what happens. Again, my oncologist remains optomistic that the results will be positive, so Derek and I have decided to hang our hats on that! Why worry about something that hasn’t happened yet, after all?!

This chemo was a little weird. Although I wasn’t sick to my stomach again–which by the way is great–I was EXTREMELY tired and weak for days. More so than I recall being since this whole process started. I suppose it could be a combination of the chemo combined with Mack waking up in the middle of every night wanting me to come in bed with him; or the fact that I’ve been having anxiety about being sick, and haven’t been sleeping well….either way. It’s been a bit difficult to keep up with the pace of every day life this time. Hopefully that will continue to get better as well. Oh ya. And also for those currently going through treatment who are reading my blog, yes, I am still constipated for at least 5 or 6 days post chemo. I never appreciated poop so much in all my life!!! Cancer sure is shitty.

St. Patty’s Day was a little crazy around here! We went bar hopping, got plastered at 8am, then went to the parade!!!!
……um ya just kidding. We went to the grocery store, and were visited by my fake fam, who I adore. Better than any St. Patty’s Day I can remember, actually! (see pics below)

In other–not such great news–My friend Kris who had only a few weeks of being cancer free, found out that some cancer had returned in her skin. She underwent a left mastectomy on Friday, along with a skin graft after removing the cancerous lesions. She is in some pain, but her spirits, as usual, are very high. Please be sure to send some prayers her way. There isn’t anyone I know more deserving of them than her. You will kick this, my friend, and we will celebrate with a HUGE “I just kicked cancer’s ass” party!!

And here are some over-do good and/or funny things!:

1) Mack apparently now refers to his “pee pee” as his “frank-n-beans”. Clearly I didn’t teach him that, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about that yet. Nonetheless, it’s pretty cute.
2) My big 31st Bday is coming up tomorrow. Even though I can’t really celebrate or go anywhere, a few friends are coming over on Sat. to celebrate with me. That should be fun. Nothing says “let’s party” quite like a cancer patient, after all!
3) Even though my counts were at 0, and I slept through the majority of the night, I was able to spend time with my “fake fam” this weekend which was awesome. I have never considered any of them to be friends. They have only always been family to me. NAILED IT fake fam!
4) I have set a new goal. I desparately want to film all of my oncologists, nurses, along with myself hooked up to chemo, doing the Harlem Shuffle. Anyone willing to help me with this task, since I am completely inept in the tech category, I would greatly appreciate it!!
5) I recently joined Twitter. I have NO IDEA really how to use it, nor do I understand how to read the “tweets”. However, Zack Galifinakis is following me on twitter after I sent him a link to my blog, which I’m pretty pumped about.

Sucky things:
1) Yesterday Dakota projectile pooped all over the outside of our bedroom door. It literally looked like someone just took brown paint and flung it everywhere. How gross is that?! It didn’t smell great either, I’ll have you know.
2) Mack is the WORST at sharing, especially with kids his own age or younger. We really have to work on that. I’m sure it doesn’t help that we have to keep him sheltered from all things fun these days for risk that he could get sick and bring it home to me. Stupid cancer!
3) I’m turning 31 tomorrow. UGGGHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
4) Brain MRI coming up. There will always be immense fear and anxiety for the remainder of my life, with any scan. In the meantime though, I will continue to relish in my oncologist’s positivity!

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