To google, or not to google

I googled. And this is what I found:

approximately 8,000 americans are diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease every year. Of that 8,000, approximately 5-10% are diagnosed with its subtype, NLPHL. Of that 5-10%, there is a greater male predominance (3:1), and the vast majority of patients present with limited stage disease (70-80%; stage I or II). Patients with advanced stage disease may have lower response rates and overall survival times than those with limited stage disease. Extranodal disease in NLPHL is rarely observed, with the exception of splenic involvement, which can be seen in 10-15% of cases. Liver involvement occurs in <10% of patients, and bone marrow or lung infiltration is found in <5%.

I had to laugh at this medical journal article. I mean, perhaps that is why I can’t really find much info on a potential prognosis in stage 4…with atypical symptoms….with extranodal disease present, to include spleen, liver and lung involvement. I for SURE should have played the lottery more. Clearly I had a better chance at winning the mega millions!

I also read that 1/3 of patients with this disease experience a relapse within 1-3 years following the initial diagnosis and treatment. So that’s something to look forward to, I guess.

Oy. Should NOT have Googled!

Either way, I plan on making chemo round #6 my bitch tomorrow. And in the mean time, I will just pretend that I didn’t even read these crappy stats.

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