Ok so I had never seen, nor heard of this show called “World of Jenks” on MTV before, but I happened to catch an episode earlier this week. Apparently this guy follows 3 people from very different walks of life for one full year, and documents his (and their) experiences on film. I still just kind of thought–ehm. ok. But then they introduced one of the characters—a girl named Kailyn, about my age, who had beaten cancer not once but twice. And so…..I was hooked. I watched the rest of the show, and decided to look up her blog that she had talked about writing. (see link below). Not only was I shocked to learn that she started blogging her experiences, using humor as an outlet for getting cancer and going through treatment (Just like me!!!), but was also shocked (and saddened) to learn that she had a relapse, and is currently undergoing treatment…AGAIN.

It got me thinking about two things: one, I’m not as funny as this girl, and I really need to step up my sarcastic humor in regards to my cancer and subsequent treatment, and two, I am super happy that I started blogging at the beginning of all of this because reading that other people are going through the same types of experiences as you REALLY does make you feel better.

And now I have a few things I would like to complain about:

1) I recently saw an old friend. When I saw him, I wasn’t wearing a hat. He commented on how weird that was for HIM. Seriously Clark?! It’s weird for YOU?!! Well let me tell you something…..bald or not I’m still hot. Oh and also? Fuck you.

2) Awesome communication between my oncologist and the other doctors whom I was referred to by her….i.e. The infectious disease specialist I saw over 2 weeks ago. Remember that? Ya, me too! Guess who I never even heard from?! You guessed it! I was actually told that I need to keep calling this guy to find out my results, and to find out what kind of treatment I need in regards to my weird lung infection (which by the way is preventing me from getting a shot to boost my immune system so that I can actually leave the house). I mean really???? I should be the one to figure all of that out??? I’m sorry….I’m a little busy….oh I don’t know…..TRYING TO LIVE!!!!!!! oy. Well as soon as I get a hold of this guy, he’s going to get an earful. Thanks for turning me into a hermit, asshole. When I see the light of day my body shuts down. Now I know how they feel in Twilight.

3) So I’ve mentioned Chemo brain before, but the following REALLY pisses me off: I recently contacted my oncologist nurse about a shot I had been getting once monthly to stop my periods while I’m undergoing chemo. The last time I had a shot was 1/30/13, and the last time I went in for chemo, I didn’t get anything…..I wasn’t really sure what the deal was–was it every 3 months I need to get it or what? No one had said anything to me. You know what she said? that I must have FORGOT to tell MY NURSE to give it to me, since my memory isn’t that great right now. FOR REALS?!!!! No bitch, you forgot. Don’t try to shift blame and make me feel crazy. Not to mention, I shouldn’t be responsible for that. I am so incredibly doped up when I go to chemo, sometimes I dont even know where I am! Don’t you think that should be in my friggin chart?!!! I mentally punched her in the face, and hung up the phone.

Ok I’m done. Now on to better things. On Sat. some of my faves (shout out!) came over to hang with me. We watched Argo and drank wine–(Which by the way, I discovered I really can’t have more than one glass because it causes pretty severe pain in my spleen, which I was told was a side effect from alcohol with my type of cancer, just hadn’t experienced it before. Lesson learned)–Argo—AWESOME movie. Followed by Justin Timberlake on SNL? Terrific. All in all, a great night. Forgot I had cancer at all until I walked passed a mirror.

Bachelor season finale party tonight. Great way to end my “good week” before chemo on Weds. I already know who he picks and what happens after, courtesy of Reality Steve, but its still fun to watch. It literally is one of the worst shows ever created, but I’m a complete sucker for all things reality TV. Always makes me feel so classy in comparison.

Heard a funny joke recently: What’s the difference between God and an Oncologist???

–God doesn’t think he’s a doctor.

Preach on, Gandhi.

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