How to beat cancer like a BOSS.

How to beat cancer like a BOSS:

1. DON’T GET CANCER IN THE FIRST PLACE!: (obvie!) In other words, if you have a family history of cancer, it’s best to probably not engage in things that are known to cause it…i.e. smoking, working directly with asbestos….ya you get it.

2. REGULAR CHECK UPS!!!:…this is ultimately where many people fail, from what I understand. Now although I did not have a primary care physician, I would see specialists regularly, i.e. eye exams, OBGYN, etc. But I should have had a primary. Perhaps there is a way that signs of my cancer could have been caught earlier.

3. DO YOUR HOMEWORK: When I was first diagnosed, my oncologist asked to see my sister’s initial pathology report from when she was 17 years old, and was first diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease herself 15 years ago. Mind you, all this time, I had always assumed, or had been told rather, that she had just classic Hodgkin’s Disease. After a review of her records, my oncologist advised me that she actually was diagnosed with Nodular Lymphocytic Predominant Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. You know what the difference in this is, as per my doctor? This type of cancer is familial. So there was a very high probability that any direct siblings..aka ME…will contract the same type of cancer. had I KNOWN this, I probably would have requested annual scans. But instead, I had pretty much no symptoms at all, and ended up having stage 4b cancer! Stupid! So….do your homework if you have a family history, or ever have the unfortunate luck to contract cancer yourself!

4. DON’T EAT CRAP!: This is something that my cousin Becky and my friend Kris have strongly encouraged. I have been researching what I eat, and ultimately how bad dairy/processed foods is for cancer and tumor growth. Certain diets are not for everyone, but it’s good to just be knowledgeable about what you’re putting in your mouth. And who knows….maybe just diet alone could save your life!!

5. TRICK CANCER!: I do this all the time. I really think that half the battle in getting healthy is mental. That being said, when I’m feeling good, I often forget that I even have cancer, until I look in the mirror, and realize…oh shit. I’m bald!!! Additionally, when I shower I still use the nice expensive Aveda shampoo AND conditioner on all 6 of my hairs. Cause I mean, maybe cancer would be all, “wait a second, why would she bother using color conserve shampoo?! maybe I’ve got the wrong girl!” Basically whenever I find my mind drifting towards negative thoughts of prognosis/death/illness….I purposely try to think of something good, or change my focus. The last thing I need is to be a Debbie Downer all the time on top of being needy! :/

In other news:

*PET and MRI tomorrow, and chemo #4 on Weds! Here’s hoping for a great outcome!!

*A special thank you for all of you who said some prayers for my friend Kris, whose recent scan results showed that she is currently CANCER FREE!!!!! To say that I’m elated for her is the understatement of the year! Rock on girlfriend. You are truly my inspiration!

*We put Mack in a big boy bed, and got rid of his crib. So far he is sleeping through the night, however is refusing his naps during the day. Oy. As trying as it is, I sure am sad to see him grow up!!

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