Mommy’s boo-boo

Mack loves to look at my port. He touches it really lightly and says “woops!” Like maybe it was an accident or something. It’s pretty darn cute. He is starting to understand that I’m sick I think and that I can’t run around and play with him, or take him for walks like I used to. He calls my illness “mommy’s boo boo”. Close enough! He still gets a little frustrated at times, but when I remind him that mommy’s sick, he says “OK mommy”, and he really does seem to be ok with that.

Both Derek and I feel lucky that he is so young, and that hopefully years from now, he won’t even remember any of this. We were a little worried about everything being somewhat traumatizing for him, but he’s a tough little guy. I recently cut all my hair off—really short, to try to transition him a little easier to mommy being bald. He could have cared less. I’m pretty sure he didn’t even notice because the first thing he said to me was “cheerios pwease?”

If anyone is ever to get cancer, I highly recommend borrowing a 2-year-old little boy as a distraction. They sure keep things interesting, and sometimes even make you forget you’re sick at all! I’d offer to rent mine out, but I’m still using him right now. Sorry. For instance, bigger battles in our household other than my cancer are trying to keep Mack from drawing and putting stickers on the dogs, and from sneaking into the bathroom with his “tool” (stool), and washing his hands 90 times a day, getting water everywhere. On top of that, he is such a little chatterbox!! He repeats EVERYTHING he hears, which is problematic, since for the past 2 days he’s been saying “F*CK!!!…..F*******CK!!!” No clue where he heard that. In a way, I hate to admit it, it’s kind of funny and cute hearing a four letter word come out of a high-pitched baby voice, but we have been trying to correct him by saying “FORK!”, and he replies with, “No, F*CK!!”. Oy. Now we are trying to ignore him. We’ll see how that works out! He sure is a funny little guy!

So you see, things could always be worse. I have such a wonderful loving family and set of friends, who always keep me grounded and make me laugh. Laughter IS the best medicine, after all.

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